Relocating to Turkey | Guide
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Relocating to Turkey | First Steps

Created : 25 Oct 2022
Relocating to Turkey | First Steps

By Justin Mays:

Our guide to relocating to Turkey focuses on providing those moving to Turkey with all the right information. While it is understandable that more and more Europeans and American expats have been choosing this country as their forever home, there are still some steps one should take to make the process of moving a smooth one. 

So, if you’re thinking to yourself, “How can I move to Turkey?” this guide is here to answer your questions:

Handling Finances

Decide a budget for yourself and stick to it. The Turkish Lira's value is constantly changing, so it is ideal if you acquire your income from your home country. You can use reliable services such as Wise and Western Union regarding money transfers. 

You should also open a bank account in a Turkish bank so you can easily pay your bills. Garanti Bank, Is Bank and Akbank are some notable ones in Turkey.

Acquire Property (Rent or Buy?)

The next step is to acquire property. You can choose to purchase a property immediately, but if you are indecisive, it is the best option to start by renting to see how you feel about the area and then move to purchasing the property. 

We have a vast selection of mansions, villas, apartments, and bungalows for homebuyers to browse.

You can also find properties with affordable rent. However, the rent may be expensive if the property is located in the city center.

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Apply for Residency

You can reside in Turkey with a tourist visa for 90 days. Applying for a residence permit becomes compulsory for those who want to stay longer. You can also acquire long-term residency by purchasing a property. Read our Residency by Investment blog to know more about this procedure.

You can also watch Prime Property Turkey’s video on the updates regarding obtaining residency through property in Turkey.

Subscribe to our channel for more. 

Move Your Belongings

Once you have your accommodation, moving your belongings is the next step in the relocation process. You can do one of two things. If you want to transport your belongings from your home country, you can look up removal countries with the best rates and services. However, shipping your belongings to Turkey can cost you too much since there is a chance that the customs might levy heavy taxes. 

The cost-effective option in this scenario would be to buy locally-made goods for half the price. 

If you have any pets you want to bring along, ensure their paperwork is complete and that they are fully vaccinated. 

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Purchase a Mobile Phone

Expats can keep their own mobile phones. However, registering these phones is quite expensive. The best thing to do is to buy a phone locally and purchase a sim from any of the local providers such as Turkcell, Turk Telekom, etc.

Obtain Health Insurance

Obtaining health insurance is vital since it is one of the requirements for applying for a Turkish residence permit. For this, you can acquire private health insurance, and once you have your residence permit, you can apply for SGK government insurance.

Find a School for Your Children 

Schooling will not be an issue for expats relocating with their children. There are two options to select from. They can either register their children in public schools or send them to private English-speaking schools that teach international curriculums. Public schools are better for children who will stay in Turkey for higher education. 

Understand Turkish Culture

Educate yourself on Turkish culture and socialize with the locals. Making friends won’t be an issue when in Turkey since the locals are welcoming and open to talking to expats.

Don’t limit yourself to one place. Everywhere in Turkey, you will see unique landscapes and diverse cultures. There is a lot to see and experience for expats.

Regarding language, if you choose to live in tourist areas, not knowing Turkish will not be an issue since these places have a lot of expats and english-speaking locals. 

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