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Selling A Property In Turkey Made Easy

Created : 26 Dec 2022
Selling A Property In Turkey Made Easy

By Justin Mays:

Turkey is not just a popular tourist destination but also a budding investors' paradise. Here are a few solid reasons why investing in a property in Turkey is a good idea. 

Why should you invest in Turkish property?

  • It's a stable country with a strong economy and consistent growth in GDP. 
  • The market is booming and property prices are believed to go up in the future which indicates profit at the sale.
  • You can invest for both residential and commercial purposes.
  • There are options for every budget.
  • Active support from the Turkish government to promote foreign investments.

Planning to sell your property?

Want some cash coming in or wish to sell the property and invest in something big? Our plans keep changing, and circumstances call for action. Whatever the reason; if you wish to sell your property, Prime property Turkey is here with expert knowledge and expertise to offer you the best service. Selling in a foreign country can be as tricky as investing, but with good consultation and guidance, you can achieve a handsome amount.

While investing or selling in a foreign land, you may come across procedures, regulations, taxes, and choices that make you feel lost in the new universe. Although our buyer guide will come in handy occasionally, we suggest you opt for expert services to avoid complications and get things done securely. 

What is the process to sell a house by the owner in Turkey?

Prime Property Turkey is there for you for selling property in Turkey! You can make the most of our website to sell your property where you can add the property and edit, sell & delete your advertisement whenever you want. Our sales experts will help you at all steps to make the sale at a fair price for both parties.

Showcase to sell

Upload your properties (apartments, duplexes, villas, mansions etc) that you want to sell on our user-friendly portal. Fill in the location of your property, its price, discount details, facilities, quality pictures, and all property specifications. 

Validating the listing

Once you add the property, the Prime Property Turkey agents will examine it for validation. Once they give the go-ahead, it will get posted on our website for free. 

You can check the properties page for a detailed view of the portal.

Selling through the Power of Attorney

The power of attorney is an official document through which a person authorizes another person to complete legal activities on their behalf. In international cases, generally, the lawyers are given the power of attorney to represent you. With written authorization, your trusted person can act on your behalf in a certain activity. In this way, your work is not interrupted, and the formalities are taken care of without you having to travel to the other country. 

At Prime Property Turkey, we have our legal experts who can be your trusted proxy and guide you through all the laws, formalities, documents, taxes, and other information. 

Selling A Property In Turkey Made Easy

Advantages of choosing Prime Property Turkey

Turkey is a country with business opportunities and residential benefits. Clients from around the globe are showing interest in our dynamic, spirited, and culturally rich nation. With our strong and extensive business relationships, our real estate services are relied on a lot. 

  • Sell without traveling to Turkey: We will provide you with constant guidance and instructions for the key procedures to be followed & documents required so you can have to work done without traveling. For everything else, we use the power of attorney.
  • Clear terms: The clarity of the process will be shared with you from the beginning so there are doubts or second thoughts. Our experts are aware of all the procedures and alternatives in the country and will do the best for you.
  • Good deal in lesser time: We are connected to a vast network of companies, buyers, sellers, and friends. The properties listed with us reach a larger audience quickly and start attracting clients in a short time. 
  • Legal support: Our legal experts will be there to supervise and double-check all the documents, procedures, and property-related matters from the very start so there is security and reliability in the deal. For selling property in Turkey, power of attorney helps a lot. The process doesn’t get interrupted even when the client can't be physically present. 
  • Get the best price: Working professionally in the market, we have earned the trust of numerous clients from around the world who recommend us further. Their trust allows us to have a vast network of buyers, which allows you to sell your property faster than your thought at the right price.
  • Multi-lingual and multi-cultural support: We have a team of experts hailing from diverse backgrounds hence, serving clients in different languages will never be a problem. The knowledge of various languages ensures effective communication. Our highly capable multi-lingual team offers international and personalized service. 

We reduce your stress

Selling properties is our core. With our expertise and market knowledge, we make purchasing and selling properties a smooth ride. Sure, selling a property involves a lot of thinking and decision making especially when you are a first-time seller but we will guide you through the entire process. 

With more than 10 years of proficiency and countless satisfied clients, we assure you to rely on us and relax. We deal with everything very professionally and don't quote just any price for your property to sell it quickly. Every step we take is planned in a way that the price you get is reasonable and fair. 

Want to be in safe hands? Contact your team for property resale and get related services!

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