Why Buy Property in Fethiye, Turkey? | Here Are 7 Reasons
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7 Reasons to Buy Property in Fethiye, Turkey

Created : 21 Nov 2022
7 Reasons to Buy Property in Fethiye, Turkey

By Justin Mays:

As one of Turkey’s most scenic regions, Fethiye is a famous tourist town owing to its exciting resorts, amazing climate and historical sights. While many holidaymakers come to this region to be closer to nature, explore a different part of Turkey and visit the beaches and ancient rock tombs, its charm has captivated visitors to find accommodation and make Fethiye their home.  

If you have been thinking of purchasing a property in Fethiye, Turkey, but are wondering if it would be the right decision, Prime Property Turkey gives you a breakdown of the 7 reasons to buy real estate here.

Make a Profitable Investment 

People largely believe that buying a property in a resort town like Fethiye would be too expensive, but that is far from the truth. If you explore the local real estate options in Fethiye, you will know that there is an extensive range of options for highly affordable prices per square meter. Compare these prices to various European regions, and you’ll know that the prices in Fethiye are excellent for what you can get.  

Additionally, all the property options in Fethiye promise exceptional value. Since the local real estate sector is still developing, there are high chances of multiplied returns for those who have invested in Fethiye. 

Property Fethiye Turkey

Explore a Substantial Portfolio

When it comes to choices and quality, Fethiye does not disappoint. Once you have decided your budget for investment, your property hunt is bound to be fruitful since Fethiye boasts properties for every price.  

You can get your hands on anything from extravagant holiday homes, small apartments, and detached villas equipped with private pools, to even units with garden spaces. 

Whether you want a unit with a traditionally designed exterior or a modern aesthetic, Fethiye can offer it to you.   

Visit our Properties for sale in Fethiye, Turkey page and browse through all the prestigious and modern apartment complexes to see what catches your eye. 

Access Diverse Neighborhoods

One of the best things about Fethiye is its various neighborhoods and districts. You can choose between a long list that includes districts such as the Fethiye town center, Calis, Ovacik and more.  

Expats seeking a location with a substantial foreign community can check out Calis. Nature lovers can head to scenic Uzumlu, Hisaronu and Ovacik. All these areas are unique in their own right. You can contact Prime Property Turkey’s team of experts and discuss your preferences and expectations with them so they can help you choose the right location and property in Fethiye. 

Investment Security

You can make a safe real estate investment in Fethiye in Turkey and easily get your title deed. The Turkish Government has made a significant effort to make property purchasing and ownership for foreigners a secure and seamless process. 

Now, the property buying process has become brief compared to before, and homebuyers no longer have to go through the extra time-consuming and laborious steps.

Turkish Real Estate

Enjoy Low Prices 

Fethiye is excellent for those who want to escape the soaring prices in the major cities like Istanbul and settle somewhere affordable. Foreign nationals living off their salaries and pensions in foreign currency can make the most out of their money and enjoy a great lifestyle because of the cheap costs of groceries, bills, and other facilities. 

Watch our hosts, Justin and Pasha, talk about what's real with real estate in Turkey. Subscribe to the Prime Property Turkey YouTube channel for more of such content.

Buy Real Estate in Fethiye & Get Turkish Citizenship

Buying Turkish real estate comes with a major perk: the chance to avail the Turkish citizenship by investment program and gain a Turkish passport. Real estate investors can purchase a property worth a minimum of USD 400,000 to begin their application. 

Prime Property Turkey has an immense collection of properties worth this price and even more. We can guide you to make an excellent investment and get all the benefits of having Turkish citizenship.

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Exceptional Facilities

Living in the small town of Fethiye does not mean that people have to downgrade their lifestyle and have limited access to vital facilities. In fact, Fethiye has an advanced transportation network. The closest airport to it is the Dalaman Airport, so reaching Fethiye is super convenient. 

Traveling within Fethiye is also fuss-free, with many transportation options, including taxes, busses, minibusses, etc., available round the clock. Beyond that, communication for homebuyers won’t be an issue since many locals and those working in the real estate sector can speak English. 

Moreover, living in Fethiye means visiting great resorts, captivating beaches, and many historical spots. Life for expats in Fethiye is comfortable since the food is cheap, all the essential facilities are readily available, and the weather is pleasant year-round. 

In addition, any property for sale in Fethiye, Turkey, is likely to be rigged with all the latest specifications.     

You can get more valuable information on Fethiye by reading our “Fethiye, Turkey | Facts and Attractions” post.

To Conclude

Fethiye’s spectacular landscape and weather offer a lifestyle close to nature and free from stress. People should opt for this gorgeous Turkish region since you can get all the amenities while also enjoying the Mediterranean sea views from your home. 

You can now begin your search for the perfect Fethiye property by contacting us for a consultation. Our service package features everything from finding you the ideal property to even a variety of after-sales services. Our team is ready to assist you until the end of the process. 

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