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5 Weird Laws in Turkey

Created : 15 Nov 2022
5 Weird Laws in Turkey

By Justin Mays:

While all countries have laws that citizens and non-citizens must follow, some laws can seem entirely ridiculous, such as the infamous bubble gum ban in Singapore. There were many such weird laws in the Ottoman era, in Turkey. We have rounded up a few of the weird laws in Turkey for your entertainment. 

Weird Laws in Turkey

  • There used to be a law according to which men over the age of 80 were not allowed to become pilots. 
  • A law existed in Ottoman Turkey that made plucking unripe olives punishable by two years of imprisonment. 
  • Suleiman the Magnificent banned the consumption of coffee and forbade people from visiting coffee houses since they had become places for political discussion. 
  • During the Ottoman era, gypsies were not allowed to have or even ride horses for people believed that they would carry out crimes while riding them.
  • It was prohibited for people to play games in coffee houses such as backgammon and chess owing to the deadly black plague.

Important Laws to Know About 

Here are some important laws to know about if you are a foreigner living in Turkey.

  • While insulting people can land you in trouble, insulting Kemal Ataturk, or the Turkish flag is a huge crime that can result in imprisonment for five years. 
  • Disrespecting the Turkish Lira is also illegal and carries a punishment of six months to three years of prison.
  • Not having your ID with you can also cause issues. Everyone in Turkey, whether they are citizens or non-citizens, must carry their IDs since the local police perform random checks at touristy and busy locations. 
  • Taking ancient artifacts out of Turkey can also result in a hefty fine and anywhere from five to twelve years in prison.
  • Taking photos at military locations is also illegal.

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