Fethiye Facts and Forecasts | Turkish Real Estate
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Fethiye, Turkey Real Estate | Facts and Forecasts

Created : 17 Nov 2022
Fethiye, Turkey Real Estate | Facts and Forecasts

By Justin Mays:

Are you considering buying a summer house in Turkey? We recommend you do it in Fethiye, a beautiful city overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, located in the province of Muğla, in the country's southeast. Currently, it has about 84,000 inhabitants and is located on the ruins of the old port city of Telmessos.

Paradisiacal beaches, crystalline waters, kilometres of forest... It is not surprising that Fethiye is one of the most touristic spots on the Turquoise Coast of Turkey and a mandatory stop for many of the cruises that travel through this area of ​​the Mediterranean. In addition to enjoying cozy and relaxed day-to-day, you will also be able to enter the old town of Fethiye, discover the Valley of Butterflies and observe the Gizlikent Şelalesi waterfalls, among many others.

In today’s blog, Prime Property Turkey presents you with facts and forecasts on the real estate of Fethiye, Turkey. 

All About Fethiye, Turkey Real Estate

Fethiye’s sophisticated and multiracial vibes, vibrant culture and amazing climate, have tempted many foreigners, resulting in an influx of foreign property buyers. Most of all, buying a property in Fethiye, Turkey, means having various options for real estate, such as studio apartments, high-end villas with elite facilities, snug holiday homes, and much more.     

Foreigners can even gain Turkish Citizenship by investing at least USD 400,000 in Fethiye properties for sale or any other property in Turkey and benefit from having a Turkish passport. 

The real estate purchasing process in Fethiye is smooth yet requires prior research and professional assistance from a real estate consultant. The professionals at Prime Property Turkey can help you get the best deal and assist you every step of the way.  

Explore our “Fethiye Real Estate | How to Find Your Home,” post to find out about the best places to purchase a home and go through our property in Fethiye, Turkey, for sale recommendations.

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Fethiye, Turkey Real Estate | Facts and Forecasts

Fethiye, Turkey Real Estate | Facts and Forecasts

With an area of 3,059 Km², the city is the perfect mix of tourist attractions, shopping, dining, and bustling nightlife. The Fethiye real estate market includes highly sought-after residential and commercial real estate. Turkish real estate, in general, has had a significant rise in property sales to foreigners. 

In 2022, 55,021 house sales were made to foreign investors in Turkey. The Turkish Lira exchange rate has prompted many to buy affordable and high-value properties in Fethiye. Experts in the real estate sector believe that investors buying real estate in Fethiye can expect great outcomes after 5-10 years of their investment. 

Fethiye has always enjoyed a special status for foreigners and locals and boasts a well-established expatriate community that includes people from all over the world. 

With an average ROI of 23 years, Fethiye’s neighbourhoods with the fastest returns includes Taşyaka, Patlangıç, Karaağaç, Kızılbel, and Eskimeğri.  

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The demand for Fethiye real estate is expected to not reduce at any point as locals seek to buy property for a secure investment and foreign buyers interested in applying for Turkish citizenship by investment purchase local properties.  

The desire for Turkish citizenship is also causing a steady increase in the demand for elite villas and luxury apartments in Fethiye. Those looking to buy holiday homes and other properties in this area to enjoy rental income should do so quickly since many new businesses are coming to this region. Furthermore, foreigners are looking for modern residential spaces to rent while on holiday now more than ever.  

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