Health insurance for foreigners in Turkey

Health Insurance in Turkey

Created : 16 Aug 2022
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By Justin Mays:

Medical Insurance cover is mandatory for those who wish to reside, work and study in Turkey. Health insurance rates in Turkey are determined by the age of an individual, duration of health care insurance, the insurance company, and quality of network coverage for hospitals.  

Foreigners under 18 and over 65 years residing in Turkey do not need to pay the value of new health insurance to issue or renew a residence permit.

To get health insurance in Turkey as a foreigner, you should have;

- A copy of the passport (passport must be valid).

- A copy of the residence permit (preferably two-sided, if available).

- Detailed residential address.

- Determining the start date of the health insurance and the duration of the insurance.

Turkey has two types of insurance, general health insurance and private health insurance.

General Health Insurance

This insurance, also known as GSS, is governed by the Ministry of family, labor, and social services and the Ministry of Health. Turkish citizens benefit from this insurance, including foreigners who have work permits. With this insurance, you can get free health care, treatment, and medicines at discounted rates. The insured member is not the only one who benefits but also their parents, children, and spouse. 

Private Health Care Insurance in Turkey

Private health care insurance in Turkey covers the period of stay. It is the insurance used for residency applications or renewal. This insurance does not get significant discounts on treatment in private or government hospitals, and this insurance does not cover the price of medicine. However, it has a low price and is easy to obtain.

Comprehensive insurance covers a comprehensive type of health insurance that covers all types of treatments, operations, and accidents, but it is undoubtedly one of the most expensive types of insurance.

Does Turkish Private Health Insurance Cover Dental

Yes, Private insurance includes dental examinations, panoramic Rontgen, tooth cleaning, tooth extraction, and whitening. Make sure that you confirm with the dental clinic you wish to visit before booking an appointment.  

Health Insurance for Students in Turkey

International students studying in Turkey should have health insurance. It is a requirement for obtaining a student residence permit in Turkey, and it must be valid for at least one year to obtain a short-term residence permit in Turkey. All universities have health centers where students go for health checks and medical exams.

Health insurance is essential for both Turkish citizens and foreign citizens residing in Turkey, and its importance is increasing in the labor market as it preserves the rights and compensation of workers in Turkey. 

However, you should have travel insurance with the health solutions you prefer when traveling. 

Family Health Care Center in Turkey

There are family health care centers in every neighborhood. You only have to show your residency permit or passport for a doctor’s consultation at these clinics for free. These doctors don’t work under an insurance company and have their fee schedule. 

On the other hand, private clinics also provide a professional treatment. You cannot use any insurance in these clinics. You can reach them online or visit them for more information and book an appointment. 

Advantages of Health Insurance Policy

Safeguard your loved ones

People get sick all the time, and sometimes this might happen when you do not have any savings. Insurance companies take money from the pool, making it possible to treat patients even with illnesses that cost more than what they pay monthly. Companies can only pay for the illness that people succumb to after they begin to pay for insurance, not anything before that. Health insurance gives you confidence and peace of mind.  

Deal with Medical Inflation

With the rate of inflation worldwide, the medical field has also been affected. The cost of doctor consultation, medicines, admission, diagnosis tests, and ambulances have increased. Escape this financial upheaval by paying for an insurance policy. Many people lost their lives during the Covid 19 epidemic because of the soaring admission prices and medication, and some hospitals took advantage and increased their prices. 

Lifestyle Disease

Diseases such as diabetes, obesity, stroke, heart disease, and obstructive pulmonary disease have led many to take lifetime medication and to go for frequent checkups. In this case, the medical cover will lessen the financial burden on the patient and their family members.

Private Hospitals in Turkey 

Private Hospitals in Turkey offer world-class services Turkey, and they are among the top-ranking hospitals in the world. 

Turkey’s medical tourism sector has a lot of specialized hospitals. This has led to increased competition and reduced procedure prices compared to the US and other European countries. 

Istanbul has the most luxurious hospitals in the country with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment from leading international brands. Some also have spas and canteens that give patients the best stay during their visit. 

A major advantage of private hospitals is that most medical staff, including the doctors, speak English, and some also have Russian, German, and French speakers. Another advantage is that you can get treatment the same day you make an appointment, unlike government hospitals that give appointments for up to three days. 

The doctor’s experience and capacity to deal with many people in a short time have made the services of the Turkish public and private hospitals commendable. 

Doctors in Turkey

There are many websites on which you can find the best doctors considering what procedure you want to be done on you. Some are recommended and rated by previous patients, while others are on online medical services websites comparing international hospitals and clinics.    

Medical Emergency Numbers in Turkey

Always have the number of your family doctor where every family member can reach it. Turkey’s emergency numbers that have three digits are always free and are open 24/7. For free health consultation, call 184, identify the emergency and mention your address. For first aid, call the toll-free number 122 and ask for all the information you need.  

Read our health care services for foreigners blog for more information on health services and facilities in Turkey. 

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