A Guide on Getting a Numbering Certificate in Turkey
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How to Get a Numbering Certificate for Your Property or Rental in Turkey

Created : 10 Jan 2023
How to Get a Numbering Certificate for Your Property or Rental in Turkey

By Justin Mays:

Foreigners who come to Turkey and wish to stay beyond their 90-day visa limit must apply for a residence permit to do so legally. The application for this residence permit requires particular documents, one of which is the numbering document. Applicants for residence permits must present a copy of the numbering certificate of the property they reside in. If you are wondering what the numbering certificate is and how to get one for your property or rental in Turkey, stick around till the end of this post.

What is the Numbering Certificate?

A numbering certificate is referred to in Turkish as the numarataj belgesi. It mentions all the information regarding the resident's accommodation, such as the house's address, the building's functionality, its precise locations, and more. This certificate is acquired from the municipality and indicates that the property you reside in is part of the Central Address Registration System.

A copy of this certificate is now required to be submitted to the General Directorate of Immigration. The residence permit application will not be successful if the applicant cannot provide this copy. 

The immigration department now expects residence permit applicants to present a copy of this certificate to ensure that the addresses of properties are recorded in the national system. This also helps prevent fraud and any illegal activities. 

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How to apply for a numbering certificate in Turkey

You can either acquire this document from the local municipality or the General Directorate of Land Registry and Property Records. At the municipality, you can find the “numarataj ofisi” or the “Directorate of Reconstruction and Urbanization” to file a petition for this document.

Here is all the information you will need for the application: 

  • The address
  • Bills (electricity and water)
  • The building permit
  • The TAPU or title deed
  • Contract
  • Building coordinates
  • Details such as district name, house number, neighborhood, etc

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How to Get a Numbering Certificate for Your Property or Rental in Turkey

What are the documents needed for the application?

Here is the list of the documents you will need to acquire the certificate:

  • A photocopy of the applicant’s I.D. or passport that is translated and notarized. 
  • Building license.
  • Occupancy certificate or title deed copy.
  • If a company owns the building, a company stamp or signature circular authorization document is needed.
  • Municipality-approved architectural project for new projects.
  • Contract copy if the applicant is a tenant.
  • A notarized copy of the Power of Attorney if the applicant is a tenant or third party.

For a property that already has a numbering certificate, a copy of the document can be obtained from the local municipality. 

How much does the numbering certificate cost?

Here is the guide for the numbering costs:

  • 450 TL for multi-story buildings.
  • For workplaces, the cost is 250 TL.
  • 100 TL is paid for hobby gardens.
  • 300 TL for single houses.
  • 500 TL for single residences, duplexes and triplexes.
  • 600 TL for multi-story houses.
  • 450 TL has to be paid for workplaces.
  • 200 TL for hobby gardens.
  • 140 TL for road exploration cost.
  • 500 TL is to be paid for retaining walls, etc., which are within the scope of other structures.

How to pay the numbering fee?

The fee for the numbering certificate is submitted to the vezne, or cash desk at the Metropolitan Municipality Financial Services Department accompanied by a receipt.

What is the discovery process, and why is it done?

Suppose the structure or the building for which the certificate is required is not registered in the Ulusal Adres Veri Tabanı (national address database) or the numbering system. In that case, officials from the Address Management Department will perform the discovery procedure and determine the location of the building and register it in the database. 

How long does it take to obtain the numbering certificate?

It generally takes about a month but may take more than this if the property address is not registered in the database.

We hope this article helped you understand what the numbering certificate is and how to obtain it. 

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