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5 Reasons to Buy Property in Kalkan Turkey

Created : 23 Nov 2022
5 Reasons to Buy Property in Kalkan Turkey

By Justin Mays:

One of the towns on Turkey’s Mediterranean Coast that is a must for all property buyers to check out is Kalkan. Scenic hills and lush greenery blanket this picturesque place. It lures house hunters due to its low profile among its surrounding regions that receive heaps of tourists yearly.  

For all those exploring the Turkish Riviera for the perfect residential property, Kalkan offers properties that don’t just make fantastic holiday homes but are furnished to perfection for permanent living. 

If you have been eyeing properties in the beautiful resort town of Kalkan but aren’t sure if you should go ahead with your purchase, this is the post for you. Prime Property Turkey shares the 5 reasons for buying a property in Kalkan, Turkey. 

Why Buy Property in Kalkan?

Kalkan has gained a global reputation for having some of the most eye-catching villas and houses serving glorious views of mountains and the sea. 

While Kalkan has a typical suburban vibe, the properties in this town are anything but traditional constructions. House hunters are spoiled with choices regarding architecture and property specifications. Here are the main reasons you should explore the Kalkan property market and buy a home. 

1. Remarkable High-end Real Estate

Kalkan is the ideal place in Turkey for those hunting for elite residential properties. Developers have left no stone unturned in creating some of the most luxurious accommodations rigged only with the most innovative features.  

The luxury homes here allow residents to enjoy the most sophisticated facilities while also staying connected to nature by offering eye-catching views through elegant floor-to-ceiling windows.

The council in Kalkan has taken adequate measures to keep this area pristine and protect its landscape from high-rises. Resultingly, the residential units here offer spacious rooms, beautiful views from roomy terraces, and let residents get lost in the tranquil sea views. 

Homes for Sale in Kalkan Turkey

2. Explore Multiple Districts

Kalkan boasts six different districts that feature properties for different budgets. The old town features majestic white homes with proximity to the seaside. The elevated Ortaalan area boasts some amazing beachfront properties.

Kalamar and Komurluk also enjoy an exclusive status and possess Turkish real estate with the potential for profitable rental returns. The properties here meet all the latest trends and diverse tastes of homebuyers with their spacious gardens, infinity pools, and other deluxe features. 

Kisla and Kiziltas are two other districts of Kalkan that offer unique luxury homes perfect for a quiet getaway and relaxation at the beach clubs.

Head over to our “Kalkan, Turkey | Facts and Attractions” post to learn about all the natural and historic wonders Kalkan possesses.  

3. Always High in Demand

The property market in Kalkan is a dynamic one, and thanks to the local council's protection, the demand for real estate in this region is higher than the supply, leading to a boosted demand for local properties.

In fact, Kalkan properties are desired by both local and foreign investors. 

You can see our properties for sale in Kalkan and explore all the modern constructions to find one that suits your preferences. 

4. Access Extensive Transportation Facilities

This charming town also features great transportation services for residents moving within Kalkan and outside. The D400 highway is also here, connecting Kalkan to other regions in Turkey. In addition, Kalkan also has a bus service for hassle-free travel. 

Moreover, Kalkan is linked to two major airports, such as the Dalaman Airport and the Antalya Airport, to facilitate international traveling. 

5. Experience Exclusivity at Its Finest

Kalkan doesn’t just offer sophisticated residences; it also has all the exclusive perks and amenities that go with it. Residents can dine at elite restaurants, taste local and international cuisines, and relax on the sunbeds of its beautiful beaches.

Since this region is well known among the sailor community all over the world, many come here to experience the local vibes and tastes. Kalkan is no place for loud clubs and rowdy people. It attracts those who seek tranquility, appreciate elegance and the beauty of nature. 

5 Reasons to Buy Property in Kalkan Turkey

Interested in Buying Real Estate in Kalkan?

If you are interested in homes for sale in Kalkan, Turkey, you can talk to Prime Property Turkey’s team by filling out the consultation form to better understand what Kalkan offers. We pride ourselves on serving our clientele to our full potential to assist them in making satisfactory purchases.  


Almost every property for sale in Kalkan, Turkey, serves unrivaled panoramic views of the sea, coupled with impressive architecture. Whether you buy a new construction or a resale, you can expect nothing less than the most outstanding facilities at your disposal.

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