Best places to eat San Sebastian cheesecake in Istanbul
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San Sebastian Cheesecake, the Dessert That Is Triumphing in Istanbul

Created : 22 Nov 2022
San Sebastián cheesecake, the dessert that is triumphing in Istanbul

By Justin Mays:

There are hundred-year-old recipes that pass from generation to generation until they become classics. Others travel kilometers and kilometers, even crossing borders, as is the case of the San Sebastian cheesecake. Without any doubt, cheesecake has become one of the most acclaimed desserts in recent years. Who could have imagined that the Spanish version of this delicacy would become one of the must-try in Istanbul?

There are many ways to prepare a cheesecake. United States, Italy, Greece, Colombia... each one has its own recipe. Some are creamier, others are served with berries, and others are cooked without oven. But to get to know the version of the cheesecake that is sweeping Istanbul, we have to travel to San Sebastián, a city located in the Basque Country, in northern Spain.

History of the San Sebastian cheesecake

It was 1959 when a small bar called La Viña, in San Sebastián, created its own burnt cheesecake. More than half a century later, this place is now known worldwide for creating "the Basque cheesecake", as defined by The New York Times.

But how has this recipe made it to travel from Spain to Turkey? Well, in 2016, sisters Bensu Çamur and Melis Çamur Aydemir, who work at B.BLOK pastry shop, in Beşiktaş, started making this low-curd cheesecake. The success was so great that the San Sebastian cheesecake began to become popular in Istanbul, to such an extent that, currently, you can find dozens of places that offer this sweet option.

Best places to eat this cake in Istanbul

  1. B.BLOK

Naturally, the first place we recommend to eat San Sebastian cheesecake is B.BLOK. In addition to being the first place to offer this dessert in Istanbul, it is also the one that receives more reviews on the Internet. This cozy pastry shop is located a few minutes from the Dolmabahçe Palace.

  1. Milota

The Galata Tower is the most popular area to try the San Sebastian cheesecake in Istanbul. In fact, on Büyük Hendek street you can find many cafeterias that offer this dessert. Among them, Milota stands out. In this place, they serve cheesecake with melted chocolate on top.

  1. Viyana Kahvesi Galata

Another of the cafeterias that we recommend is Viyana Kahvesi Galata. This place is also located near the Galata Tower and offers cheesecake with melted chocolate, but also with other creams flavored with caramel and strawberry.

  1. Sirinfirin Bakery

Another of the most popular places to try this cheesecake is Sirinfirin Bakery, also in the Galata Tower area. This cafeteria has beautiful views of the tower, and not only offers desserts, but also a great variety of dishes for brunch.

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