Kalkan, Turkey | Facts and Attractions | What to Do in Kalkan
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Kalkan, Turkey | Facts and Attractions

Created : 09 Nov 2022
Kalkan, Turkey | Facts and Attractions

By Justin Mays:

A stunning coastal town in Turkey’s Southwest region, Kalkan is a treat for the holiday-goers and locals alike because of its natural allure. Sitting below the magnificent Taurus mountains, this jewel of Turkey has become a favorite destination. Visitors get enchanted by Kalkan’s charm and keep coming back to it. This region gained significant popularity recently in the press and is the preferred destination for celebrities. 

Keep reading to find out some fascinating facts about Kalkan and learn about the different attractions available for foreigners to tour.

Interesting Facts About Kalkan

  • It is believed that Kalkan was discovered over 150 years ago by Greek traders belonging to the island of Meis.
  • The old name of Kalkan was “Kalamaki” and was of Greek origin.
  • Kalkan’s Greek Orthodox Church, now a mosque, is its oldest structure.
  • During the 1960s, a coastal road was built connecting Kalkan to Antalya and Fethiye, driving tourism to the area. Later, the construction of Dalaman International Airport fueled this tourism even more. 
  • Kalkan’s revenue is primarily from tourism, and most locals depend on local tourism for their livelihood. 
  • One of the biggest appeals of Kalkan is its beaches, which include Patara Beach, Kalkan Town Beach, Kaputas Beach, etc.
  • Kalkan is in proximity to two major airports. These include the Dalaman International Airport, located only at a distance of 121.7km, and the other is Antalya Airport which is only 244.1km away.  

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What to Do in Kalkan, Turkey | Main Attractions

Kalkan is the perfect spot for couples and families since it offers a variety of activities, beaches, cafes and restaurants, villas, holiday homes, etc. We are listing below some brilliant attractions to visit in this region. 

Kalkan, Turkey | Facts and Attractions | Patara Beach

The Eye-catching Patara Beach

Situated near the site of the ancient city of Patara, this place is a beach and a national park and is regarded as the longest beach in Turkey. Visitors can enjoy swimming in the sparkling water. 

Patara Beach is the best place for nature enthusiasts since it also serves as a turtle-nesting location. 

This beach has various facilities such as sunbeds, restaurants, etc. and is also close to many ancient ruins for visitors to explore.

Enchanting Kaputas Beach

Kaputas Beach is another ideal location for people to visit since it is only 7km away from Kalkan and offers beautiful views. There are many stalls of vendors at this beach for visitors to easily buy what they need. 

Moreover, Kaputas Beach also has a small parking space, and the beach itself is highly protected. Furthermore, this beach has about 250 species of plants, some of which have been classified as endangered.   

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The Captivating Xanthos Region

Xanthos sits where once was the capital of Lycia. It is located between Kalkan and Fethiye on a hilltop and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Xanthos is jampacked with ancient ruins and artifacts, some dating as far back as the 8th century.  

The Lycian Tombs at Xanthos are a must-see series of pillar tombs consisting of the Harpy Tomb and the Pillar Tomb. 

Charles Fellows, an explorer from Britain, took many tombs and artifacts to England in 1842, which are now on display at the British Museum. However, there is still much to see and explore for visitors at Xanthos.

The Spectacular Saklikent National Park

Saklikent National Park is an excellent place to explore; the landscape and nature will leave you in awe. This park has stunning cliffs, marvelous rivers, and lush greenery. 

The best part of this park is the Saklikent Gorge, one of the deepest in the country and features natural mud ponds. 

Within this National Park are also mountains and plateaus such as the Dumanlıdağ Mountain, with its rich greenery and the Aklar plateau. 

Moreover, there are various activities to enjoy for families, such as trekking, rafting and hiking. 

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Kalamar Beach Club

Kalamar Beach Club

Kalamar Beach Club is next on our list since it is one of the most popular out of Kalkan’s 13 beach clubs. It is the perfect spot for adults and children since it is fully equipped with sunbeds, showers, etc., while food and drinks are available for economical prices. 

Visitors can participate in different watersports, such as scuba diving.   

All-in-all, you can easily spend an exciting day packed with adventure at Kalamar Beach. 

Explore Tlos

Tlos is an ancient Lycian city that is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. This city remained inhabited throughout the 19th century, and as one of the major Lycian cities, Tlos also had a massive stadium that could accommodate 2500 people. 

Some ancient structures worth exploring include the rock tombs, the Great Bath, and the Theatre. 

The most intriguing ancient artifact includes the Lycian Sarcophagi and the tombs carved into rock. One of these tombs is the Tomb of Bellerophon and is believed to be of the hero from Greek mythology called Bellerophon. 

We hope you enjoyed our blog post exploring Kalkan. If you are interested in buying a property in Kalkan, you can contact us so our team can arrange the perfect options for you. 

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