What is better? To build or to buy a house in Turkey?
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Should We Buy Or Build A House In Turkey?

Created : 11 Jan 2023
build or buy home in turkey

There has been a global demand for Turkish property in recent years for the interest it offers to its investors. The country is no longer just a popular holiday destination but an investor's paradise as well with countless opportunities. Another attractive aspect of the Turkish real estate market is that the prices are lower than in other neighboring European countries. Turkey has as many attractions as neighboring countries with the added advantage of being less populated and more developed. 

Low housing prices and large spaces to be built in less crowded cities are the top reasons why many international real estate buyers prefer Turkey. The construction of a regular multi-story luxury complex with a comprehensive infrastructure can take roughly 1.5-2 years, 9-12 months to build an ordinary Turkish apartment building and a villa takes around 10 months.

Why Building a Home in Turkey a Good Idea?

If you are planning to build your own house in Turkey, you must definitely go ahead! There are many reasons that support building and designing your own house. The biggest reason is that you get the exact house design and structure you had in mind. Customizing the property as per your needs will be in your hands. Also, you won’t be restricted to a specific location or neighborhood because that is also for you to pick.

A five-year building warranty is common in Turkey with most builders. Hence, you can be assured that your ideal home is built and certified professionally by the construction company. If you are wondering how much it cost to build a house, it depends on the demands and needs of the client but getting professional assistance for house construction is what matters the most. Experienced architects plan your home's functionality by calculating every detail precisely. It is believed that the idea of building your own house is generally a more logical decision than buying a house. 

Finding a dream home can take a lot of time and effort but there will still be something missing. This is why many people prefer to build their own houses instead of buying one. While deciding to buy a property, you will think of many factors such as the location of the house, type of real estate, budget, and reason for purchasing. Finding the perfect house that meets all of your requirements is way difficult. Also, the overall cost of building your own home is more affordable than purchasing a new one.

Turkey is one of the best destinations in the world to have your home because it has lots of opportunities for everyone and every budget. With its unique beaches, lush green areas, rich historical background, delicious cuisine, and tranquil lifestyle it promises, the country attracts a lot of foreigners' attention. Not to forget, the low living costs of living in Turkey may be another reason to prefer Turkey. The country is one of the countries with the lowest living costs in Europe. You can have a life here full of luxury yet affordable. Retirees love Turkey for the same reason as well as better pensions. They can enjoy Turkish beauty without worrying financially while getting all the healthcare facilities.

The bonus! Building your house in Turkey lets you apply for a residence permit or citizenship so you can enjoy all the advantages of the Turkish passport. Turkish passport holders can travel to 72 countries without a visa and 36 countries with visas on arrival.

Does it cost more to build or buy a house? Or Is it cheaper to build or buy a house?

The cost of every house varies per square meter and with different materials. It's the cost of that land should be calculated first while calculating the cost of building a home. The location has a huge role to play. If the land is on the outskirts of town, it may be more reasonable and less expensive than the other areas. However, if you choose, say, the capital city or near the beach, then it will obviously cost a lot more. There are chances that you won't get available empty lots in your desired area so eventually, you may have to consider purchasing a home to knock it down and rebuild it.

Constructing means paying for all aspects of the project. On the bright side, you will always have some say on construction-related expenses. You can choose more reasonable floors, skip the pool if you don't want, and go with modest landscaping for your property. However, existing houses are ready to move in so you'll have to agree to the price given. Here, you can't choose between the cheaper or the more expensive flooring. But, if the property is old and needs renovation, you can carry on as per your expectations.  

Choosing the right plot

To answer if it's cheaper to buy or build a house in Turkey, we suggest you go out and examine the available existing homes and lands in your budget and then build accordingly. The decision of building is also heavily influenced by the available budget. Beachfront properties and hillside plots with views come with high prices. Plots can be more affordable if you go to a rural area.

A professional agent can help you best with the available plots that would be most suitable for you after understanding your needs. Prime Property Turkey is exactly what you're looking for. Our brilliance in property selling will get you the best of the property in your budget and preferred location. We are here to ensure that your ideal home will not just be on a piece of paper but a dream come true home to live in. Our team will help guide you both on how to buy a property and build a house.

Why should you build your own house?

Building your own house in Turkey can have many benefits. You can enjoy the vacations in your holiday home as long as you want with the most comfortable lifestyle. Some other major advantages are:

  • Building your future- Building a house means building a future. Having a house according to your family planning is great. Constructing gives you the liberty to add features that you think you will need in the future. 

  • Plan the way you want- You can plan a preferred layout of the kitchen, garden, living room, and bedrooms to spend more time with your family while building your home. 

  • Details and features- You can add new features like a BBQ area and a swimming pool to have a good time while building your dream home. You can also plan even the tiniest details such as kitchen cabinets, lighting, room locations, etc. 

  • The best construction company- Buying your own house means an opportunity to choose the construction company with professionals of your choice who can offer you the highest quality at the best prices. 

  • Lesser repair work- Repair costs may cause some trouble when you buy an established property but when you build your house from the start, you know what materials and brands are used in the construction. Because you choose everything carefully, there will be very less repair work required after completion.

  • Land of your choice- While building, you choose the land to construct on and where you want to spend future years. It can be at a preferred location close to your dear ones, facilities, or even the sea. 

  • Retire early- If this is your retirement home, the effort and money you put into the whole process should be worth it. You deserve the pleasure of living in a perfect home and making memories after retirement.

Key steps to building a house in Turkey

  1. Purchasing the land: From the available options, choose the land that allows you the right to own land while offering you the highest level of security as an investor.

  2. Designing: Designing a home involves working with an architect and an interior designer. This includes creating a floor plan and selecting building techniques, materials, and other finishes.

  3. Setting an agreement: The net step is the signing of the building contract finalized by a lawyer. It will have the details of all items and conditions during and after construction. 

  4. Permission: Once the agreement is signed, it is submitted to the local authorities to secure a building permit. This procedure can take around 3-4 weeks.

  5. Construction: This part is all about maintaining quality at various levels:

  • Insulation for the foundation for protection against water and heat.

  • Installation of the house's supporting parts.

  • The roof and the dual-layer

  • Interior design and finishes

Want to build your dream house in your dream location? Get in touch with us today and we shall assist you with the best-in-class solutions and support at throughout your journey!

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