Everything About Turkish Home Interior Design
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Turkish Home Interior Design

Created : 19 Aug 2022
Interior Design

By Justin Mays:

Interior Design for your Turkish Home

The interior design sector in Turkey is broad and has received influences from other parts of the world due to its geographical location. However, it is an understatement to say that Turkey has no original designs. Museums in Turkey have authentic furniture used during the Ottoman period; the streets and bazaars ooze with native furniture pieces and decorative ornaments. Turkey is an excellent place for authentic traditional and modern pieces to use for interior design.

Homeowners consider many aspects when it comes to the interior design of their home, either old or new. Each room has its own requirements that set the room's mood. This blog will touch on a few Turkish home interior design traits that can make your living space feel cozy, sophisticated, and timeless. Great designs do not have to cost you a fortune; small pieces of furniture make a huge difference in your home. 

Selling or renting a furnished home increases the value of your home, so invest in quality pieces that are durable and easy to clean.  

Blending the traditional and the new

Most Turkish homes have the evil eye symbol they believe is a symbol of protection from evil. This ornament has been enhanced and incorporated into other pieces of furniture. It now also comes in different shapes and sizes. 

Turkey is known the world over for carpets and rugs, both handmade and machine woven. Some carpet makers have begun to incorporate modern designs into their carpets, so choose the designs you want for your home. Whether you buy a new or old rug, ensure you have the correct size. The front legs of your chairs or couch must be on the rug, and there must be at least 6 inches of extra rug piece beyond the furniture. 

Eliminate Clutter

To create more space in your home, try by all means to keep away items you don't use daily. For example, always put brushes, cosmetics, and towels away. Invest in a linen closet where you can put all the extra bedding and towels away to create more space and make your rooms bigger. This will not only make your home brighter, but you will personally feel the change.


Lighting is another aspect that makes your home stand out. It's not only about the tone of your light or the lampshade you choose; know where to place functional, ambient, and natural light. Lighting has a way it shifts your mood; hence it is essential to make sure that the lights you use above your sink, tub, and vanity are the correct ones. 

Bringing Nature Inside

Keeping indoor plants has been trending and proved therapeutic, especially during the pandemic. Seeing plants grow and taking care of them does not only make you happy but also enhances the ambiance of your home. For the bathroom area, invest in high humid plants, including eucalyptus dried leaves that also have medicinal properties.

Selecting the right furniture

Whether you are contemporary, stylish, and chic or appreciate old styles, you can always design your home the way you want. Turkey has a lot of furniture shops that customize for the needs of different clientele. Prime Property Turkey has after-sales service and can help you design your home as you wish. 

Most homes have a lot of lines, rectangles, and square furniture pieces; make an effort to mix these shapes by including round mirrors, round rugs, and a round coffee table, and the options are endless. Choose the primary source of attraction for every room and use its main color on hints elsewhere for a cohesive look. Do not forget that the curtains you pick define the quality and size of your home. They should not be too short but should touch the floor and must be twice the width of the window itself.


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