Things to Do in Kas
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8 Things to Do in Kas

Created : 17 Jan 2023
8 Things to Do in Kas

By Justin Mays:

Have you ever heard of Kas? It is a small fishing town located in the province of Antalya, in southwest Turkey. It is a spectacular area, full of paradisiacal beaches and crystal clear waters. In recent years, it has become one of the main tourist attractions in the country, especially during the summer. And it is not surprising, because Kas is the perfect place to disconnect, enjoy the excellent weather and recharge your batteries with your loved ones.

Apart from being in the spotlight of the tourism sector, Kas is also very popular among those who want to invest and buy a property in Turkey, as it is clear that this small city has great potential. Acquiring an apartment in Kas is a safe bet, as its popularity is increasing.

If you are thinking of buying a home in Kas or you plan to move there to spend your vacations, this post is of interest to you. Here we tell you eight things you must do if you visit this paradise overlooking the Mediterranean. We hope you enjoy it to the fullest!

1. Explore the city center

The first thing you have to do when you arrive in Kas is to explore the beautiful streets of the center. It is a small city, which normally welcomes a much more relaxed type of tourism than those who visit other coastal cities such as Antalya. The city center is full of small colorful houses, boutique shops, cozy cafes, and streets lined with flowers. It is an idyllic and very charming place, capable of dazzling anyone.

2. Swim on its beautiful beaches

Undoubtedly, one of the things you should do if you visit Kas is to swim in one of its paradisiacal beaches. This is primarily a summer destination, so sun, sand, and sea are part of the mandatory itinerary. We recommend you go to the beaches of Hidayet Koyu, Kaputaş, and Akçagerme.

3. Dare to dive with turtles

Another popular activity that some of the people who visit Kas usually do is diving to observe fish and sea turtles. Kas is considered one of the best places to dive in Turkey, thanks to its transparent water, the color of the seabed, and the water temperature, which is usually quite warm. Thanks to these conditions, it is even possible to find some semi-tropical fishes.

4. Visit Meis Island

Meis is a small Greek island located just in front of Kas. It is so small that it barely has about 400 inhabitants. But its size has nothing to do with its tourist and cultural interest, as it is a truly special place. It has several churches, museums, and the Blue Cave, known for being the second-largest cave in Europe. Visiting this island is much easier during the summer, in the high season, as there is a ferry that leaves Kas every day. However, during the winter this transport only runs once a week.

5. Walk around the Uzun Bazaar

If you want to buy some gifts or souvenirs, we recommend doing it at the Uzun Bazaar. Unlike other big bazaars like those in Istanbul, the attitude of the vendors in Kas is much more relaxed. It is the perfect place to shop for rugs, handcrafted jewelry, clothing from local designers, and art pieces.

6. Cross the Saklikent Canyon

If you like adventure, you have to see the Saklikent Canyon, a canyon 18 kilometers long and 200 meters high. There are several companies that offer a tour of the canyon, which awaits the Esen River. If you decide to do this activity, remember to wear appropriate footwear, as it is not a walk that can be easily done with flip-flops.

7. Go to Kaleköy Village

On the other hand, we also recommend going to Kaleköy, a small town near Kas that can only be reached by boat. This town was built on the ruins of Lycia and Byzantium, so it has a really important history. Currently, it has several restaurants and hotels, but it does not have much else to see. Still, it is a must-visit if you spend several days in Kas.

8. Navigate Simena with a canoe

Last but not least, you have to cross the ancient city of Simena by canoe. Decades ago, a great earthquake struck Simena and flooded it, leaving tombs, churches, and houses under the sea. Currently, it is possible to visit what remains of the city, all of it under the sea. Keep in mind that, as people have sometimes tampered with or even stolen ancient artifacts that were left flooded in houses, swimming among the ruins is prohibited. However, it is possible to navigate between them without problem, as long as the boat does not stop.

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