Activities to do in Antep
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The Charming City of Antep

Created : 19 Apr 2021
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 By Justin Mays

With a history dating back to 4000 BCE, Gaziantep is an excellent destination full of exciting places to enjoy and learn about the history and authentic culture of the city and the country as a whole. It is an easy flight away from the southeastern region of Anatolia. Gaziantep is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world.


Economic Growth in Antep

Familiarly known as Antep, today it is a major regional economic center and among the top ten fastest growing cities in the world. Some old houses have been transformed into inns, hotels, and cafes to accommodate visitors and new residents from different regions and countries.


The Southern Anatolian Projects (GAP) have greatly influenced irrigation schemes in the city. The hydroelectric power scheme also contributed to agricultural growth in Antep. This fast economic pace has not eclipsed its traditional roots. 


Places to Visit in Antep

You can take pleasant walks to many historical sites, including the world's largest mosaic museum, Zeugma, or go shopping for traditional crafts, including copper goods, silk textiles, and Yemeni leather shoes. The copper smith bazaar is one of the unique and authentic places to buy ornaments and gifts for your family and friends. Hand-made leather shoes have been used to top movies because of their uniqueness.


Cuisines in Antep

The main draw for Turks visiting the city is to experience its local cuisine. Antep won the UNESCO recognizes European Commission EDEN Award for Local Tourism and Gastronomy as a Creative City in the field of gastronomy. Most widely known for its meat-heavy cuisine and pistachio-filled baklava, it even holds an annual international festival, the International Gaziantep Pistachio Culture and Art Festival, to celebrate one of its most famous crops. As you spend a weekend visiting the old city and taking road trips through the Anatolian steppe, you can find many must-try dishes to make your journey even more enjoyable. 


Traditionally enjoyed at breakfast, Katmer is a decedent sweet pastry filled with clotted cream and crushed pistachios. You can find specialty katmer shops throughout the city. For something more savory, try the peppery chickpeas wrapped in warm pita bread from specialty durum shops. Beyran corbasi is a hearty garlicky soup with lamb and rice originating from Gaziantep, where it's served for breakfast. For lunch, the kebab is king. Try the Ali Nazik, in which pieces of perfectly grilled minced lamb kebab rest on a bed of garlicky yogurt with a smoky eggplant base.

For an afternoon break, sip on menengiç, an alternative to tea or coffee, at the historical Tahmis Kahvesi. Menengiç is a 'coffee' made from roasted wild pistachio berries. It has a velvety texture and a nutty taste. Once you've worked up an appetite again, head to the turn-of-the-century Beyazhan courtyard for a lively dining experience. The most famous Turkish Baklava hails from Antep, and you'll see Istanbul tourists jockeying for position in line at Kocak Baklava and Imam Cagdas to pick up kilos of the nutty treats to bring home; join the line to share your Antepian culinary experience with friends and family back home too.  


The perpetual growth of Antep has attracted some investors and pushed the government to renovate the city's infrastructure, giving it a new look while preserving the peculiar aspects of the city. Visiting Antep will give you an appreciation of the region's history and more about Turkey's traditions. 

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