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Zeytinburnu, Life by the Marmara Sea

Created : 01 Jun 2021
Turkish citizenship by buying property

Anyone wanting a waterfront lifestyle while staying central, with the potential for sizeable returns when buying investment property in Istanbul, would do well to look in Zeytinburnu. Today’s blog tells you all there is to know about Zeytinburnu and how life is by the Marmara Sea.

The Location

At the heart of Istanbul on the Marmara Sea, Zeytinburnu is rapidly transforming. It is reinventing itself from a working-class industrial neighborhood to one with modern shorefront properties adjacent to ancient city walls, fortresses and smart shopping malls. 

Districts in Zeytinburnu

In total, Zeytinburnu has 31 districts. These are:

  • Beştelsiz
  • Gökalp
  • Maltepe
  • Nuripaşa
  • Sümer
  • Veliefendi
  • Yeşiltepe
  • Çırpıcı
  • Kazlıçeşme
  • Merkezefendi
  • Seyitnizam
  • Telsiz
  • Yenidoğan district

The largest one out of all the above districts is Maltepe, while the smallest surface-wise is Telsiz. In addition, this area also has some interesting and historical locations. The Merkezefendi district has the Panorama 1453 History Museum, and Merkezefendi Stadium.

On the other hand, the Beştelsiz district has the Olivium Outlet Centre, which tourists from many countries frequently visit.

Lifestyle & Amenities

The real estate value of the districts of Zeytinburnu has been rising due to the multiple new residential seaside projects, and the attractive lifestyle they offer makes this a top spot for Istanbul real estate investment. 

The new projects are modern and have communal facilities like swimming pools, gyms shared gardens, and playgrounds. Ample parking and security round out some of the benefits of these high-quality residential complexes.

Investment in Zeytinburnu 

As Istanbul officials redistricted commercial space and factories to the outskirts of the city centre, space was freed up in Zeytinburnu, revamping the area with luxury developments where commercial real estate and factories once existed. Due to the competitive short-term returns on investment compared to other districts, investors have run to buy here.

Zeytinburnu: Area Demographics

The neighborhood is a good mix of foreigners seeking Turkish citizenship by buying property and locals. New people are contributing to the transformation of the neighborhood bringing new potential and life to this former commercial zone. 

Transportation Facilities

To integrate the district with the rest of Istanbul, public money has improved transportation options with trams and metro lines with proximity to the intercity bus station and ferry terminals taking you to Bursa and Yalova as a bonus. The Eurasia car Tunnel links this area with a quick drive to the Asian side. 

Other vital projects have improved the transportation, life quality, and social and economic potential of the district, like the rejuvenation of the coastal area with walking and biking tracks and the renovation of its numerous historical sites. 

Entertainment in Zeytinburnu

In fast developing Zeytinburnu, five-star hotels, entertainment options, shopping malls and restaurants, excellent schools, and great health facilities are never far away. 


Some of the finest hotels located near Zeytinburnu include:

  • Hampton by Hilton Istanbul
  • The Conforium Hotel
  • Ottoperla Hotel
  • Novotel Istanbul


Since it is so densely populated, Zeytinburnu is self-sufficient in every kind of facility. Apart from the public schools, Zeytinburnu has many private schools for expat families to enroll their children in. Private Blue Hope Middle School and Nature Schools Campus Cevizlibağ are some prominent ones.

Hospitals in Zeytinburnu

Zeytinburnu has its fair share of hospitals that offer locals the ideal services and quality treatment. Here are some of them:

  • Avrasya Hospital
  • Hospital Sante Plus
  • Balıklı Greek Hospital

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