staying warm indoors in Turkey
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Ways to Stay Warm Indoors This Winter | Turkey

Created : 04 Nov 2022
warm winters in Turkey

By Justin Mays:

As much as Turkey is not recorded in the top ten coldest countries in the world, those who reside here will always beg to differ. Turkey’s coldest month is January, but the masses start layering and avoiding the outdoors as early as late October. There are many ways that Turks and expats stay warm and avoid the cold while indoors. 

There are electric heaters, natural gas, central heating systems, and Turkish soba. 

Electric Heaters

Several residents find it easy to use electric heaters, which you can plug in and off when warming up the room. The electrik soba, as they are called in Turkey, was first described as the UFO, one of the famous brands to introduce these heaters. Foreigners who do not want to go through the hustle of learning how to use other Turkish heating systems find it easy to use the electric heaters every winter and pack them away when the season is over. 

Natural Gas 

Most new apartments in Turkey use natural gas, paying individual natural gas accounts to keep warm. This easy method of turning a nob is the easiest as each flat can regulate its heat whenever possible. However, one should ensure that their heating system is always above as the temperature below will affect the whole building’s heating. 

Air Conditioners 

Resort centres and commercial buildings mostly use air conditioning as this can cool down rooms in summer and heat them in winter. However, residents and office users should ensure that windows and doors that lead to terraces and balconies are closed at all times so that the heat can not escape. Air conditioners are relatively inexpensive in Turkey, with many brands. 

The Turkish Soba 

Some properties in Turkey have the soba, which is a heating stove. This appliance uses firewood, primarily to keep a water kettle for tea boiling throughout the day. Its lower part can also be used to make bread while also warming the house. However, even though it might seem economical, the price of firewood in Turkey is relatively the same as that of electricity. 

Central Heating System 

Previously, most apartment buildings in Turkey were built with a central heating system. The heat was distributed to radiators from a coal-burning furnace. The homes would receive the same heat, but the downside was that there was no way to turn the heat down, which might end up overheating the apartment. 

Turkey is a welcoming country, and visitors can feel comfortable at different resort towns in all seasons. So pack up and head to Turkey and enjoy your vacation. Read this blog if you are planning to move to Turkey. 

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