Best Vintage Clothing Stores in Istanbul
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Five Vintage Clothing Stores You Must Visit in Istanbul

Created : 15 Dec 2022
Five Vintage Clothing Stores You Must Visit in Istanbul

By Justin Mays:

We already know that there are hundreds of antique shops and bazaars in Istanbul. In fact, this is one of the main characteristics of the metropolis. Countless narrow corridors, a smell of dust that is almost addictive, colors faded by the passage of time and an infinity of objects that are practically impossible to find. But as the popular saying goes, there is always a lid for every pot, and there is always someone who finds in these crowded spaces a unique object that they have been looking for for years.

For many, the same thing happens with clothing. Some clothes pass from generation to generation, acquiring more value for each year they leave behind. Some people do it for an environmental purpose, others pay homage to their ancestors who wore those clothes in the past and some do it because they see tremendous treasures in some vintage clothes.

If you feel identified with any of these groups, you will surely enjoy spending an afternoon shopping in vintage clothing stores. If so, here are five places in Istanbul that you should visit no matter what. We hope you find something unique!

Grandma Vintage

Grandma Vintage is a second-hand clothing and accessories store located in Beyoğlu, near the Şişhane metro station. We are not lying when we say that this store is heaven for anyone who loves vintage fashion. They have some bags worthy of being exhibited in the odd museum. At Grandma Vintage you can find everything: shoes, shirts, jackets, accessories... The quality of their products is quite high and the prices are really affordable. In addition to visiting their physical store, you can also browse their online store.

Madam Mare Vintage

Madam Mare Vintage is another of the most popular vintage clothing stores in Istanbul. It has two different locations, both in Beyoğlu, one near the Galata Tower and the other further north of the district. This store will surely surprise you with its great collection of sunglasses. They come in all colors and shapes, some of them very retro. They also sell clothing of all styles and many other accessories. Like Grandma Vintage, Madam Mare Vintage has its own website.

Franny Vintage

Franny Vintage is, without a doubt, a store for lovers of elegance. This shop is also located in Beyoğlu, just behind the Galata Tower, and sells authentic delicacies of the finest and most delicate vintage fashion. Mainly, they sell women's clothes, for special parties, casual dates and lingerie. This store can only be visited by appointment, so while you wait, you have no choice but to look at its website.

Miniko Vintage

Miniko Vintage is another of the second-hand clothing and accessories stores that you can find in Beyoğlu. The style of this store is much more classic than the other places mentioned in this post. In it, you will find dresses, jackets, shoes, bags... and jewelry of all kinds. They are specialized in clothing by famous designers, which are usually certified with the necessary documents. The best thing about this store is that they ship all over the world.

Vintage Istanbul

Vintage Istanbul is a place like no other. The place alone is worth it. It seems as if you suddenly moved to Berlin, with that solid wood parquet, that high ceiling and those white windows. Of the stores mentioned in this blog, this may be the most different one, since you will mainly find second-hand jewelry here. They have them of all styles and for all tastes. Some of these jewels are really unique and special, so who knows, maybe you can find an accessory that will accompany you all your life.

Stay tuned!

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