All you need to know about local markets in Istanbul
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Discover Istanbul Through Its Markets

Created : 18 Nov 2022
Discover Istanbul by Entering Its Local Markets

We know Istanbul for its gastronomy, its colors, its cultural offer, its crowded streets, and its unparalleled landscapes. But to get to know this city perfectly, it is necessary to get to its core: the local markets. There are all kinds of them, for antique hunters, for those who want to buy fresh fruit, for those who are into vintage clothing, for book lovers... Walking through its narrow alleys, you not only get to know better the day-to-day life of the locals, but you also discover the hidden details of the capital of the world, as Napoleon Bonaparte used to call it.

If you already know the Gran Bazaar and the Spice Bazaar, but want to go further, we invite you to enter the following six markets:

1. Sahaflar Carsisi Old Book Market

Do you love reading and are you looking for authentic relics of universal literature? If the answer is yes, you cannot miss the Sahaflar Carsisi Old Book Market, located in Beyazit Square, between the Grand Bazaar and the Beyazit Mosque. In this market, which is open every day, you will find second-hand books and old novels.

2. Kadıköy Antika Pazarı

On Tuesdays, Kadıköy holds its antique market. Unlike what happens in markets like the Grand Bazaar, this is a very popular market among people who have lived in Istanbul all their lives. Inside, you will find a multitude of objects, all of them at quite affordable prices.

3. Yenilevent Salı Pazarı

In the Yenilevent market there is everything! Fruit, vegetables, clothes, second-hand items... It is located in the north of the Beşiktaş district and is held every Tuesday. Being away from the city center, the atmosphere that is breathed is much more of a neighborhood.

4. Çarşamba Pazarı

Surely you already know Balat, or at least you have heard of this picturesque neighborhood. In itself, it is already a wonderful and striking area, both for locals and tourists. Its tiny streets full of colorful houses attract anyone's attention. But now that you are familiar with its aesthetics, we also recommend you visit its market, Çarşamba, where you will find everything from fruits and vegetables to second-hand items. Note it down: it is happening every Wednesday!

5. Ortaköy Sosyete Pazarı

The Ortaköy neighborhood in Beşiktaş is also lucky to have its market. If you have a free moment on Thursdays, don't hesitate to come to this space, where you can also find a thousand bargains on clothing and accessories.

Feriköy Antika Pazarı | Discover Istanbul Through Its Markets

6. Feriköy Antika Pazarı

It's Sunday and you don't have any plans? Teacups, old stamps, original furniture, the most unusual gadgets... Come to Feriköy to enjoy its antique market and lose yourself in the dozens of alleys that this space offers. Inside, you will also find some street food stalls, but do not forget that the Bomonti area, where this market is located, is full of other cultural and gastronomic offers.

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