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Best Cities To Live In Turkey

Created : 25 Jan 2023
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By Justin Mays:

Turkey is a beautiful country with thousands of foreigners of various nationalities. If you’re looking for the best cities to live in in Turkey, we highly recommended you read this blog. Expats and digital nomads often choose Turkey because of its great lifestyle and friendly people. It offers something for everyone. Whether you wish to be in a bustling city or a relaxed beach town, you got it all. And the food! You might get drawn to it more than anything. Turkey is a popular vacation spot and great to buy a second home to settle in. It's a multicultural country where everyone lives in harmony. 

Reasons to live in Turkey

Turkish citizenship simplification via the revision of Getting Turkish citizenship as you buy a property worth a minimum of USD 400,000 is one big reason to relocate to Turkey. Apart from that, we have a few good points in favor of moving to Turkey:

  • Perfect climate: Turkey has just the right weather. With a diverse climate, lush greenery, and magnificent forests, the climate is always so good. The summer is normally long and hot in the southern side where temperatures reach up to 35 degrees, especially in July and August. The houses are constructed with natural materials to resist the summer heat and winter cold. The buildings have big windows and balconies to maximize the utilization of natural light.

  • Magnificent historical sites: In addition to its tourist attractions, Turkey is endowed with ample cultural treasures. The country has a collection of cultures and history. One can visit several must-see historic structures.

  • The food: Turkey is a multicultural country that evolved through many civilizations. As a result, it has a diverse cuisine that appeals to all palates. The food is typically fresh, inexpensive, colorful, and nutritious. Restaurants and street food vendors offer their unique appetizers and mesmerizing flavors around the country.

  • Cost of living: Despite globalization, development, and foreign investments, the cost of living in Turkey is very cheap. With the right consultation, real estate investments can be made on any budget. Looking to buy property in Turkey? Prime Property Turkey will guide you all the way!

  • Interesting outdoor activities: Turkey is a wonderful country with year-round activities due to its perfect climate. Activities like skiing, rock climbing, golfing, historical site tours, safaris, rafting, hiking, swimming, island tours, diving, mountain biking, and paragliding can be enjoyed in summer and winter. 

  • Healthcare services: Health services are highly developed In Turkey, healthcare services are offered at affordable rates and of the highest quality.

  • Important projects: There are massive projects going on in the country and the rising economy has drawn the interest of foreign investors for many years now. 

Best cities in Turkey

There are some places that are most loved by the ex-pats. Let’s check the best cities to live in Turkey:

Istanbul: The cosmopolitan 

Istanbul is a vibrant metropolis, offering everything one can need. World-class shopping, dining at historic landmarks, tourist attractions, world-renowned nightlife, and a great atmosphere! Because it has something for everyone it becomes one of the best cities to live in Turkey and tops the chart.

You'll find ex-pats in Central Istanbul (Beyoglu, Sisli, or Ortakoy) where the neighborhoods offer a mix of Western and Eastern influences. Setting up a business or finding a workspace is not a problem. There are many coworking spaces in Istanbul. For those seeking employment, Istanbul is one of the best cities to live in Turkey due to its economic and cultural sector, suitable for business.

To take a break from the busy life, you can explore the museums and art galleries, or simply take a walk through the parks. Also, one must not miss the hammam experience. Istanbul airport is one of the busiest in the world with direct flights to cities all over the globe. 

Living in Istanbul can be a fantastic experience. This wonderful destination has a population of 15 million and serves as a link between east and west. Visitors mostly come for the culture, history, entertainment, delicious food, unique architecture, stunning scenery, entertainment, art, and welcoming people.

Istanbul is also a safe city in terms of crime. The general danger, the risk of a natural disaster, and the chances of mugging are low. You can walk around at any time of day and night.

Antalya: Beautiful coastline

Antalya is the largest city on the Turkish Mediterranean coast with a perfect combination of summer fun and traditional culture. This beach destination is also ideal for a honeymoon getaway. Antalya is a well-known location for tourists residing between the Mediterranean Sea and the Taurus Mountains. 

With a sunny and hot climate, fresh food available in weekly markets, and a clean and safe environment, you can comfortably live here with your family. The coastline is also an excellent choice for retirees with plenty of natural beauty spots, fishing villages, and great countryside walks supported by amazing restaurants and some good shopping opportunities.

The presence of several five-star luxury hotels in Antalya providing exceptional amenities to their visitors is one of the reasons making it a travel destination for families and young couples. It's one of the least expensive cities to live in Turkey giving another reason to move here forever.

In terms of safety, Antalya is a very secure city with a low crime rate, low danger, low risk of natural disasters, and low chances of theft. You can walk around any time of day and night around the city. The stunning nature, a variety of activities, beaches, caves, mountains, waterfalls, lakes, and canyons add to the beauty of the city. 

Expats tend to live in Konyaalti or Lara because they are safe and offer a mix of Western and Eastern influences. Digital nomads in Antalya can work from home or local cafés because there are not many coworking spaces here.

Whenever you need a break from work, you can enjoy the beach life, have some good food and explore various restaurants.

Bodrum: Luxury living

For those who are fond of high standards of living, Bodrum is the perfect location. It is a beautiful district in Mugla with marinas, gorgeous views, the incredible Aegean Sea, and modern houses. Bodrum is a white-blue colored district with a clean and safe environment and many cultural, historical, and entertainment facilities.

With several foreign artists and writers coming to the city in the 1960s, Bodrum escalated its standards. Today it's a popular tourist destination, particularly with celebrities (Kate Moss, Bill Gates, Nicole Kidman, and Tom Hanks have all been spotted here in the past).

There are a bunch of quaint destinations suitable for retirement within the district. The city is more luxurious and more popular with tourists than the surrounding areas. There are mega-hotels along the coast, cozy houses, and villas as well on the coast.

The annual music festival attracts plenty of talented musicians from all over the world. The festival is hosted in the magnificent 2500-year-old Antique Koyunbaba Stone Quarry. Bodrum temperatures can reach some pretty staggering highs (up to 45 degrees in summer). The winters are mildly cold with 15 degrees temperature. 

Bodrum will be great if you’re looking to work or raise a family. There are all the necessary amenities available. You can move to the more rural side if you just want to enjoy your retirement.

Izmir: For retirement

If you wish to spend a good time post-retirement in Turkey, there's nothing better than Izmir. The city has all the amenities you might need for a comfortable stay. The Izmir metropolitan area has plenty of smaller towns that might be ideal for a retirement lifestyle. The city is located on the Aegean Sea so you'll find include plenty of watersports, sailing opportunities, and a good climate.

The temperature typically reaches 33 degrees in summer, around 13 degrees in the winter, and a bit rainy in the colder months. If you fancy coastal living away from the city, you can consider Cesme, Kusadasi, Foca, and Alacati. You can come across some attractive property prices with a good search. Since it's one of the most westernized areas of Turkey, communicating with estate agents will be much easier.

Living in Izmir can be a fantastic experience. Countless people adore this city and wish to relocate here. Along with its outstanding industrial and commercial location and port, this city also has many beautiful tourist attractions like beaches, the Konak Square clock tower, Saint Polycarp Church, the House of the Virgin Mary, Apollo, the Mosque, etc.

Izmir is an excellent value-for-money location. The cost of living is generally low and is moderate in terms of being secure. Many ex-pats realize that their savings last longer and they are able to buy more things here compared to their home country. 

Bursa: World heritage

The old Ottoman landmark buildings make the city a UNESCO world heritage hub. The city is dedicated to preserving parks, forests, and family-friendly areas and is hence known as Green Bursa. Located in the Marmara Region, Bursa gives the perfect taste of Turkey. It is still a city where modern living culture and traditional neighborhoods coexist in harmony.

Crime prevention in the city is taken very seriously. With security cameras, private security sites, motorized police, and patrol police, it becomes the leader in security. The overall risk in the city is medium. Just be cautious and you'll have the best time.

Bursa offers health centers, affordable cost of living, pleasant climate and weather, diverse geography, transportation links, and attractive real estate prices. It's one of the least expensive cities in the world. This vibrant Turkish city boasts an intriguing heritage, fascinating culture, and traditions. You can visit many breathtaking mosques and historical sites from the Ottoman period. While in Bursa, you can do Skiing, ferry tours, Teleferik (cable car), nice shopping, and mountain climbing.

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We have covered the most loved cities by ex-pats and prospective investors. If you are also planning to move to Turkey for any purpose, contact us. Our experts are always there to help you from start to end.

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