Sustainability Trends in Turkey's Real Estate Market in 2024
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Sustainability Trends in Turkey's Real Estate Market in 2024

Created : 09 Jul 2024
Sustainability Trends in Turkey's Real Estate Market in 2024

Environmental pollution is one of the most pressing problems of our time. Various industries create waste materials that are released into our environment. This waste then enters our water sources as well, posing a substantial risk to human and animal life. 

Furthermore, carbon dioxide and other harmful pollutants are also released into our environment as a result of the operations of different industries.

It's worth mentioning that the construction sector is on the list of the most polluting industries in the world. It contributes a lot of dust to the environment, resulting in air pollution. Not to mention all the wastewater this industry creates.

There has been a considerable effort in the real estate market in Turkey to promote sustainability in the sector and reduce carbon emissions. This blog will highlight all the new trends in green buildings and environmentally friendly developments in Turkish real estate. 

Sustainability & Eco-friendly Trends In Turkey’s Real Estate Market

The real estate sector in Turkey is constantly changing and adapting to the dynamic demands of buyers. And, with modern buyers and investors becoming more environmentally conscious, the sector has adopted several practices and trends to not just meet the growing demand but also to create resilient developments and prioritize the health and well-being of the occupiers. 

1. The Rise Of Green Features In Real Estate

Green features have become one of the leading requirements for investors. These features reduce the carbon footprint and promise great financial benefits which is the driving force behind their demand. They also contribute to lowering energy costs significantly. 

Water-efficient Features

For water efficiency, low-flow fixtures are being used to prevent the wastage of water. Recent developments even come with the unique feature of rainwater harvesting systems to collect rainwater to aid in water conservation. Water recycling systems are another feature where water is treated for reuse. 

Green Roofs 

Green roofs are a new green feature that purifies the air, regulates indoor temperatures, and contributes to the residents' overall well-being. It cools down the indoors and provides an aesthetically pleasing landscape on the roof.

Solar Panels

Solar panels have been a thing in the sector for quite some time, but their popularity has sky-rocketed recently with many new projects featuring them. They are a great way to utilize renewable and clean energy and reduce energy costs significantly. 

Natural Ventilation

Modern apartments and homes in Turkey are being built with windows, doors, and vents constructed strategically to use the natural airflow to ventilate the space and cool it down. 

In addition, it also helps promote the well-being of the residents by preventing stress with better air quality.  

The Introduction Of Green Certifications

Green building certifications are an innovative trend in the sector. Leading examples of these certifications are the LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification and BREEM which stands for Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method. 

Both of these certification systems are meant to recognize constructions that meet sustainability standards, especially in terms of design. 

There has been a steady increase in developments with these certifications as more developers gravitate toward environmentally friendly constructions. Developers and investors alike accept the positive impacts of sustainability in protecting the environment as well as boosting the value of properties. 

The Addition Of Green Spaces

Modern buyers of Turkish properties are likelier to opt for complexes and homes that come with green spaces. Properties for sale in Turkey especially in Istanbul come with features such as tree-lined walking paths, private gardens, green landscapes, and parks to serve as social areas for the residents. 

These green spaces are a unique selling point for residential projects and are a great place for the community to interact and indulge in relaxation and recreational activities. 

The Use of Sustainable Materials In the Construction Sector

Turkish developers have adopted the use of sustainable materials for construction. This includes repurposed plastic, recycled glass, etc. This helps meet the demand for raw materials in the sector while simultaneously preventing waste. 

In addition, the use of renewable energy sources on construction sites helps reduce the use of fossil fuels and helps in combatting the carbon footprint. The use of green steel or carbon-free steel is another example of how this sector incorporates sustainable materials in its operations. 

Better Location and Planning

New residential developments are mostly located near public transportation links. They don’t just offer convenience for residents but also facilitate the reduction of vehicle use, essentially contributing to lowering air pollution. 

The government has also initiated urban development efforts to extend public transportation links and create more green spaces for the mental and physical well-being of the public. 

Advantages of Eco-friendly Constructions

These types of buildings have the benefit of bringing in higher rental returns as they boast green features that help reduce energy costs. To add to this, environmentally-friendly constructions also have higher resale value, making them a high potential investment for buyers. 

Green buildings overall garner more interest from buyers because these buildings have better insulation and enhanced ventilation. 

Lastly, green buildings are made out of robust materials, and once ready, they do not require much maintenance. 

The Bottom Line 

The increase in the demand for sustainability in Turkey’s real estate market is a prime example of the growing awareness among the masses and investors in particular about the damaging effects of conventional construction techniques and non-ecofriendly features in developments. 

2024 marked a surge in sustainable practices in this sector. As various sectors act towards combatting climate change by switching to more eco-friendly practices, the Turkish real estate sector will continue its efforts for sustainable developments for robust and long-term investments that prioritize the environment. 

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