Protecting the past in Istanbul

Created : 19 Apr 2021
Old apartments for sale in Istanbul

 By. Justin Mays

Istanbul is a stunning city where millions live surrounded by a rich architectural heritage. To buy home in Istanbul is to live within that history, whether you find old apartments for sale in Istanbul or houses for sale in Bosphorus Istanbul, you are certain to discover lingering traces of the past throughout your chosen neighborhood. Recently the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has committed to better protect and preserve historical sites in a more sensitive manner than those carried out in the past. The Istanbul Municipality along with the Cultural Heritage Preservation Board are giving heightened importance to renovations of ancient sites representing all eras of the city’s long history. Preservation of historic buildings and structures from the Roman era to the 20th century is taking precedence within new developments. 

Several notable projects are happening in the upcoming months. One of the most famous sites on the tourism route, the Byzantium Basilica Cistern, is slated for a structural strengthening. Located southwest of Hagia Sofia, the beautiful underground water reservoir was at risk of collapse and will undergo a two-month renovation. Faith Municipality has started comprehensive plans to restore and utilize the large Yedikule Fortress on the shores of the Marmara Sea. The fortress will host concerts and other artistic events and house an art gallery and museum telling the stories of important Ottoman figures.  Also, in Fatih District, the 500-year-old Asude Hatun shrine complex is being restored to welcome visitors in the near future. Forever dynamic and beautiful, with the support of the local governments, Istanbul will balance its growth to meet modern urban needs with the preservation and protection of old Istanbul at its core.