Istanbul: Discover your Perfect Neighborhood

Created : 28 Feb 2021
Homes for sale in Istanbul

By. Justin Mays

Historical. Iconic. Dazzling. There's not much new that we can tell you about fabled Istanbul that hasn't already been said. For centuries Istanbul has captured the imagination of explorers and embraced its foreign inhabitants. Cosmopolitan Istanbul somehow still manages to retain a small neighborhood feel. It’s a place where local shopkeepers will remember you when you drop in for a variety of small items stocked in centuries old stores yet a short distance away all your international brands and luxury goods can be found in gleaming shopping centers. For people relocating from Europe and North America, Istanbul has more conveniences than you could imagine in any other city in Turkey including affordable delivery services, house maintenance services, and world class restaurants. Public transportation is reliable, and the city infrastructure has improved immensely in the past couple of decades. Istanbul is home to the highest concentration of international schools and universities in Turkey. You'll be spoilt for choice with numerous cultural activities and museums. Properties in Istanbul only grow in value as the demand and desire to live here never ceases. One of the fastest growing economies in Europe, the sprawling city offers seaside, suburban or urban living. There really is a neighborhood for every lifestyle.

 It truly is a city of contrasts, straddling multiple worlds, where everyone can find a home. Seaside neighborhoods along the Bosphorus strait and Marmara and Black Seas offer a suburban feel. Apartments for sale in Istanbul are found inland in the up-and-coming Bomonti area and Be?ikta?, the district that includes the expat heavy neighborhoods of Cihangir and Galata on the European side. Luxury Ni?anta?i and low key Be?ikta? are two other popular neighborhoods. Properties near Sultan Ahmet offer access to the historical district and are experiencing a surge in the real estate market. If a sleek contemporary style apartment is more to your taste, Maslak, which has boomed in the last 20 years, is the place to look. Flats in Istanbul often have spectacular views and newer developments have all of the brand-new features you could want. For those looking for more space, Büyükçekmece, Göktürk and Zekeriyeköy offer airy villas. The Asian side is traditionally less densely populated and calmer however new urban zoning plans have led to a new financial district being established in modern Ata?ehir. Fikirtepe is another family friendly neighborhood in Kadikoy. As people continue to flock to the city, apartments in Istanbul remain a safe investment.

 The distinctive skyline is a melee of old and new that captures Istanbul’s timeless appeal. Come join us for a walk or a ferry ride along the Bosphorus to find your unique home in Istanbul. With Prime Property Turkey hosting you, you will enjoy searching for homes for sale in Istanbul and soon picture yourself becoming part of the fabric of this amazing city.