Luxury Apartments in Istanbul: Explore Turkey’s Finest Real Estate
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Luxury Apartments in Istanbul: Explore Turkey’s Finest Real Estate

Created : 12 Jun 2024
Luxury Apartments in Istanbul: Explore Turkey’s Finest Real Estate

Now we all know about Istanbul’s breathtaking historical architecture and its multicultural vibe. But there is one more thing that is worth knowing. It has a booming property market that has been captivating local and foreign investors alike.

The stand-out feature of this market is the sheer diversity of options. You have apartments of all kinds, penthouses, villas, and much more to choose from.

Our focus for today is the luxury projects, specifically apartments in Istanbul, that truly offer investors the best bang for their buck.

Why You Should Look into Luxury Properties in Istanbul 

As an investor and a homebuyer, homes and apartments in Istanbul are generally much lower priced compared to premium properties in major cities around the world. To add to this, development never stops in this city. Year after year, new projects are initiated, and more facilities are made available for the residents of the city.

The infrastructure of Istanbul is one of the most robust in the world, which makes it one of the best places to live in.

Furthermore, owning a luxury property in Istanbul truly gives you access to a premium lifestyle since these lavish properties have some of the most modern architecture. 

From sea-view apartments to villas enveloped in lush greenery, every property promises unmatched privacy and convenience to its residents. 

Oftentimes, luxury residential properties will even come with home-office spaces to accommodate remote workers. Lastly, since all the high-end properties are in the best locations in the city, there is a guarantee of a drastic price appreciation for them. 

Explore Some of the Best High-end Real Estate Istanbul Has to Offer

One lavish residential project worth checking out is Sea Pearl. Located in Atakoy, one of Istanbul’s most bustling districts, Sea Pearl boasts sea-front properties, with diverse floor plans ranging from 1+1 to even 4.5+1 spread across 4 residential buildings. Residents have the chance to wake up to gorgeous views of the Sea of Marmara. 

The Tersane project is also an impressive one and is great for those who want to live in a coastal neighborhood. Its location near the Golden Horn and the surrounding historic attractions really reminds one of historic Istanbul and can captivate any history-lover. Investors have a wide range of serviced apartments to choose from. Depending on your requirements, you have everything from lofts to even seaside mansions to invest in.

Another project to look out for is Buyukyali. It is located on the Kazlıçeşme coastal road. You get to choose from the properties of diverse concepts and sizes. The available floor plans include 2+1, 3+1, and 4+1, while the interior architecture of all the units is sophisticated and spatial. 

Discover the Jewel of Zeytinburnu: Yedi Mavi 

This project truly impresses investors with its location and architecture. Yedi Mavi wins in all aspects, which has made it one of the most sought-after luxury projects. Its remarkable location on the Zeytinburnu shore is its most unique feature. 

Yedi Mavi is a must for investors who are looking for deluxe properties to invest in since this massive 7-block project has pristine 1+1 to 4+1 options, each with glass-walled exteriors. This allows residents to take in the beauty of the Marmara Sea all day, every day. 

To add to this, each unit has been designed to support an opulent lifestyle. All the options in this project are super spacious, and every room lets residents enjoy beautiful sea views. Residents even have the space to set up home offices.

When it comes to social areas, Yedi Mavi goes beyond our expectations with its multiple green spaces and private gardens for those who wish to have them. 

Moreover, these Istanbul apartments and penthouses also come with a central control system called the KNX Automation Control System. With this, you can have remote control over the lighting, heating, air-conditioning, water, etc to make sure your home is always safe from accidents. 

Additionally, residents enjoy all the elite aspects of living in a luxury project, which includes having access to chauffeur services, veterinary services, gym and spa services, electric car charging services, and a lot more. 

Yedi Mavi has definitely redefined what it means to live in a high-end property located in an upscale area. 

Learn about the Citizenship by Investment Program

By buying a property in Turkey, you don’t just get to live in this country’s picturesque cities; you can also obtain Turkish citizenship. A minimum investment of $400,000 can give you the chance to benefit from the Turkish citizenship by investment program. 

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