Can I Make a Living in Turkey? | Jobs & Turkish Real Estate

Can I Make a Living in Turkey? | Jobs and Real Estate

Created : 22 Dec 2022
Can I Make a Living in Turkey | Jobs and Real Estate

By Justin Mays:

Most foreigners considering coming to Turkey have questions about salaries and jobs. This country’s pleasant climate, affordable lifestyle, and properties appeal to foreigners from the Middle-east, Europe and Asia. Resultingly, people want to move to Turkey and look for jobs to spend their lives here. 

An important thing to note is that even if you possess a residence permit to live in Turkey, you still need a work permit to acquire employment legally. So if you are wondering, “can I make a living in Turkey?” this blog post by Prime Property Turkey is your answer. 

Can I Make a Living in Turkey? | Jobs and Real Estate

Is it Possible to Make a Living in Turkey?

YES! You can make a living in Turkey in a few different ways. Keep reading to find all the options available for you:


Freelancing is the most popular way foreigners earn money while living in Turkey. Many foreigners move to this country and offer remote services. The high-speed Internet in Turkey makes it easy for people to offer their services as freelancers. 

Foreigners move to Turkey, benefit from cheap real estate, work as freelancers, and live a highly flexible lifestyle. 

Get a Job in Turkey

Your second option is to get employed in Turkey. However, the Çalışma İzini or work permit has to be applied for by your employer. There are a few requirements that companies in Turkey have to meet to apply for a work permit for a foreigner. One of them is that the company should employ at least 5 Turkish citizens. Many small companies find it hard to meet the requirements and, therefore, cannot employ foreigners. 

We have a detailed blog on “Working in Turkey | Salaries and Job Market” as well.

Big companies in the tourism sector are always on the lookout for English-speaking staff or other foreign languages. The average monthly salary in Turkey is 10,000 liras, while the minimum wage in 2022 is 5,500 lira per month. 

Some Tips From Us

  • It is ideal to have some savings to fall back on before you move to Turkey and start job hunting.
  • If you receive a job offer, ensure your employers provide you with a work permit.
  • Enroll in a Turkish language course to help you communicate with the locals and explore different opportunities. 

Make Money by Investing in Turkish Real Estate

Earning money by purchasing Turkish real estate is a great option. You can do one of two things. You can buy a property and make repairs and renovations. Once those are done, you can resell the property. The steadily rising value of Turkish real estate can bring fantastic profits.

The second thing you can do is to put up your property for rent. Tourism is the leading sector in Turkey, and many tourists choose to rent out accommodation rather than book hotels, which makes renting out accommodation a lucrative opportunity. 

One of the main advantages of reselling properties is the constant high demand for housing, and accommodation leads to quick resells. Additionally, buying a property that has accessibility to public transport and premium specifications can result in you finding a buyer without any issues. 

We also offer resale services. No matter what type of property you have, Prime Property Turkey can help you find a buyer with zero hassle. 

Furthermore, renting out your property to receive a regular income is an excellent option to make a living in Turkey. The last quarter of 2022 witnessed a rent increase of 159% in October 2022. Additionally, the profit you earn from your property by renting it depends on its location and specifications. 

How We Can Help You!

Prime Property Turkey can ease your property-buying process by presenting you with various property options based on your desires. Our expert consultants can guide you on which areas are the best to buy property in Turkey and ensure that your property transaction is safe. 

We can also help you find a buyer for your property to expedite your resale process. Our experts will answer all your questions and give you all the assistance you need. 

If your real estate investment is worth USD 400,000 or more, we can help you apply for Turkish citizenship by real estate investment. So get your free consultation with us now.

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