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Comparison of Real Estate Investment Returns in Turkey With Other Investments

Created : 23 Jan 2023
Comparison of Real Estate Investment Returns in Turkey With Other Investments

By Justin Mays:

While Turkey receives massive real estate investments from foreigners year after year, the question of how the returns compare to other investments is still on the minds of many. 

The country's steady economic and social development has boosted Turkish real estate sales and made the local real estate market one of Europe's most enticing and in-demand. 

The versatility of the property market and the stability of the real estate sector through the pandemic and post-pandemic times have given rise to high demand for Turkish properties among foreign investors seeking a safe investment.

Prime Property Turkey uses its decades of experience in the Turkish real estate sector to bring you a comparison of real estate investment returns in Turkey with other investments. 

Here's a Comparison of Real Estate Investment Returns in Turkey With Other Investments

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, an 11.7% increase occurred in house sales in Turkey in June 2022 compared to June 2021. Out of all the major cities, Istanbul had the highest sales, with an increase of 18.6%. 

In 2022, 1,485,622 house sales were made in Turkey. Additionally, a slight decrease occurred in house sales in December 2022 compared to December 2021. Nonetheless, the real estate sector still thrived, and 207,963 house sales were made in Turkey, with Istanbul, once again, having the most share with 36,744 house sales. 

All the above statistics point towards the stability of the real estate market and despite the pandemic and its repercussions, there has been a significant demand for local properties by foreign and local investors. 

Turkey continues to receive real estate investments from foreign investors compared to other types of investments. The decrease in the Turkish lira has also resulted in rapidly rising rents in all the major cities, sparking a massive influx in real estate investments for rental income. 

Furthermore, the absence of commercial losses makes it the ideal investment choice for many.

Comparison of Real Estate Investment Returns in Turkey With Other Investments

What affects the average ROI on real estate investments in Turkey?

A few factors affect the average return on investment in Turkey. The location and property type are the most important ones since they determine the property’s distance to the city and its views. 

The age of the property and the amenities that it offers are also huge factors. Newly constructed properties tend to be more in demand than old properties. Many of the modern houses and commercial properties for sale in Turkey offer facilities such as 24/7 security, gardens, fitness centers, etc. Consider checking out the Mansion Basaksehir project since it brings homebuyers a list of attractive and modern social facilities.

And lastly, the property’s finish and interior design definitely affect the returns. 

How to Make a Successful Real Estate Investment in Turkey?

Enlisting the help of a specialist is the most effective way to ensure that your investment is risk-free. We have an extensive list of clients who trust our real estate agents to give them the best guidance when investing in Turkey. 

All you have to do is book a free consultation with our real estate consultants and communicate your requirements to them. Whether you want to buy a property, lease or even sell, we can help make things seamless for you.

When buying property, we thoroughly guide you in the selection process and can take you on dedicated property tours so you can inspect every detail before you go ahead with the investment. 

Comparison of Real Estate Investment Returns in Turkey With Other Investments

Why Opt for a Real Estate Investment in Turkey?

As demonstrated by the statistics above, the rate of real estate investment in Turkey has kept up and has only boosted in value in the last few decades. The high population density of Turkey, and the influx of foreigners, expats and holiday-makers, indicate that the demand for housing will always grow.

What’s more, Turkey gives a plethora of real estate investment options, including residential, commercial, and land investment opportunities. Apart from the occasional slight drops in real estate prices, the properties in Turkey have experienced a significant increase in value.

And the best part is that a real estate investment of 400,000 USD can allow buyers to obtain Turkish citizenship because of the Turkish citizenship by investment program.

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