Reasons to Buy Property in Historic Uskudar

Why You Should Buy Property in Historic Uskudar

Created : 19 Jan 2023
Why You Should Buy Property in Historic Uskudar

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Uskudar is an integral part of historic Istanbul. It sits across from the European side, allowing its locals to relish the aesthetic views of the Bosphorus and the Maiden's Tower. This district acts as a gateway to Europe, and its cobble-stoned streets can take you back in time and let you glance into the glorious Ottoman era. 

As one of the districts of Istanbul, Uskudar attracts many foreigners who wish to live and work in this metropolitan city and lead a life close to the Turkish culture and people. Stay tuned as we discuss all the reasons why you should buy property in historic Uskudar and what makes this district so unique among the rest. 

All the Reasons to Buy Property in Historic Uskudar

A district that has passed many empires and eras, Uskudar is not unknown to those who visit Istanbul. It is at the top of every tourist list and is the most sought-after for international real estate investors. Let‘s explore all the reasons that make Istanbul so great!

1. A District Filled with Attractions

Uskudar held a significant position in the Ottoman era since many official buildings and palaces were located here. Everywhere you go, you can see historic monuments and landmarks such as the Beylerbeyi palace, the Maiden’s Tower, Mihrimah Sultan Mosque, etc. These attractions have investors flocking to Uskudar to invest in this district's modern Turkish real estate, and the properties are the most in-demand in all of the city. 

The allure of these attractions and landmarks has not dimmed at all, and their appeal lures foreigners, causing an increase in the value of the real estate market in this district. 

Maiden's Tower

2. Ample Public Transportation Facilities

Uskudar might hold a lot of historical significance, but the district has undergone an urban transformation and has been entirely modernized to meet the demands of modern times. 

Positioned in the heart of Istanbul, Uskudar acts as the connecting link between the European and Asian sides of the city via the Marmaray Metro Line.

With links to the 15 July Martyrs Bridge, once called the Bosphorus Strait Bridge, Uskudar’s transportation facilities remain unmatched. Ferry boats run as well, transporting people between Eminonu and Uskudar on a daily basis. As a result, apartments in the Uskudar district have boasted in value, and more people want to live here since it keeps them connected to all of Istanbul. 

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3. Real Estate in Uskudar

Uskudar is a district that gives its residents the best of both worlds since it offers them the opportunity to live in modern properties while enjoying views of historic attractions from their windows and terraces. This district boasts 33 neighborhoods, with Acibadem, Cengelkoy, Altunizade, and Kirazli being the most popular ones. 

Apartment and villa sales in this district have reached an all-time high while more and more new residential and commercial complexes are being constructed and made available in the market for investors. 

Those who desire sea-view properties will especially love Istanbul since its properties let residents enjoy views of the Marmara Sea every day. Villas in Uskudar have garnered interest from investors for their state-of-the-art features and contemporary designs. 

The Vadi Cengelkoy properties are a great example of the spacious residential real estate of Uskudar and have innovative home features for residents and sufficient green spaces. Benesta Acibadem is another project worth mentioning for its potential for a high return on investment. It also has all the features that support an elite lifestyle, such as sunbathing roof terraces and concierge services. 

4. Plenty of Entertainment & Social Facilities

Uskudar also has countless museums, malls, shopping centres, and streets lined with Turkish restaurants offering all the mouth-watering Turkish cuisine. Some of the most famous shopping malls in Uskudar include the Akasya Acibadem, Emaar Square, and the Capitol Shopping Centre. Museums are spread all over, with the notable ones being the Istanbul Graphic Art Museum and the Mehmet Naci Aköz Kite Museum. 

Locals in Usukudar also benefit from top-tier medical services since this district boasts some of the city's best hospitals, including the Acibadem Altunizade hospitals and the Hurrem Sultan Private Hospital.

Why You Should Buy Property in Historic Uskudar

How to Buy Property in Uskudar, Istanbul

If you want to invest in Uskudar real estate and need help checking out different projects and properties, Prime Property Turkey is here to serve you. Get in touch with us by filling out the contact form at the top of the page to book a free consultation with our multi-lingual real estate consultants and communicate your requirements so we can give you the perfect property recommendations to make a lucrative investment. 

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