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Camping Sites in Istanbul

Created : 17 Aug 2022
camping sites in Istanbul

By Justin Mays:

Have you ever considered camping? To relax or to change your environment. Did you know that camping has health benefits, including a positive impact on children’s education?

Several studies indicate that camping helps one with better sleep and improved memory. When surrounded by trees and fresh air, the body releases higher levels of serotonin, a naturally-produced neurotransmitter that helps adjust your mood, appetite, and sleep. This chemical also improves cognitive functions such as memory and learning. The Attention Restoration Theory states that urban features such as billboards and buildings steal our attention and they require intense focus. At the same time, nature can gain our attention, but they do not require intense focus. You can agree with me that this information so far is making you consider looking for some campsites to visit. I can testify that I have experienced the benefits of camping since I started this tradition with my family recently.

With the hot days and nights this summer, take a trip to some of the most camping areas in Istanbul to enjoy a night under the stars while creating memories with family and friends. Read this blog to know more about camping sites in Istanbul that you can visit to escape the daily grind.

Korsan (Pirate) Cove Camping  Area

This campsite is located in Vize district Kıyıkoy, where the cold waters of the Black Sea meet with the coast. It is what all the campers dream of with the sounds that blend with the chirping of the flying birds in nature, creating a great atmosphere. You are guaranteed to declutter your mind in this breathtaking area.

Sahil Camp Istanbul

Sahil Camp is one of the favorite places for nature lovers to holiday. It is located in Sile district on 35-hectare forest land with one side sea and the other forest. This site has different accommodation packages that suit its clientele, from bungalows, tents, caravans, and hobbit houses to private villas. Sahil Camp Istanbul is a place to spend your weekend or holiday from home but with all the comfort you need, if not better. The bungalows accommodate from two to six people, and prices for the various options range from 850 TL to 2.300TL per night. Those who come with their tents pay a small fee of 150 TL. 

There are various activities visitors can enjoy during their stay at Sahil camp, and these include a cycling tour, diving, ATV tour, and a pool package. The premises has a 24-hour reception, seaside cafe, restaurants with different cuisines, a survivor track, and forest walking paths. Visitors are encouraged to use google maps as Yandex leads to a closed road under construction. When taking public transport, board bus 139S, which will pass by the campsite front. Make use of iett.istanbul/tr for a reliable bus timetable.

Hacilli Waterfall Camping

Enjoy this free camping site with the best view, only 30 minutes from the Hacilli waterfall in the Sile district. Bear in mind that some of the areas on the camping site do not have phone reception. Enjoy taking beautiful pictures of the waterfall during autumn and spring, and to make a fire, you can easily find dry branches but make sure that you hear from the forest administration if it is suitable to make a fire in the particular season that you visit. 

Kilimli Koyu Camp

Camping does not have to be expensive. Enjoy free camping at Kilimli Koyu Campsite and participate in diving, fishing, cycling, relaxing, sightseeing, trekking, and other sporting activities. One thing you have to note, though, is that it is located in a region that experience strong winds. Ensure your tent is secure to avoid the danger of sudden winds. The site, 45km from the Sile center, has no private shopping areas for your daily needs; you can go down to the nearby coastal establishments. Things that are allowed include campfires, tent pitching, and dogs. Another advantage of this establishment is that it is accessible to public transportation, is by the seaside, and has cell phone pick-up points. 

Suluklugol Bolu

After paying a modest entry fee, you can pitch your tent next to Leach Lake. The area is home to 406 different species of plants and 38 endemics. You can take several hiking trails around the lake and back into the woods in the opposite direction. Do not forget to bring bug spray because the mosquitos can be annoying. It is a deep camping site in the woods for those who love nature. 

Mount Uludag, Bursa

If you need a place to read a book or absorb yourself into thoughts, this is the place to consider. If you have never camped above the tree line, get ready to be awed by the silence. But, no need to worry about mosquitos or flies because the altitude is too high for flying insects. The nights get very cold, so bring enough warm gear. You will also want to bring firewood since you will be above the tree line. If you are in for a challenging hike, you can trek up to the summit from the lakes. It takes about an hour and covers rocky terrain, so carry sunscreen, good shoes, and enough water.

Before Camping

Before you rush out to one of these sites, we recommend you hold your horses and ensure you carry everything on your checklist. Always check the weather to ensure you carry the right gear, enough bedding, and insect repellent to rest well at night. Double check the list of things you should bring, such as sunscreen, extra batteries, correct trekking gear, a torch, a lighter, regular medicines, and a first aid kit. Going on this trip with knowledge of safety measures would be best. Do not try something for the first time at the camping ground, such as mountain climbing, or diving, without the assistance of a licensed guide. 

After you have done all this, do not forget to have fun. Relax, enjoy the trip with your family, and create as many memories as possible. 

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