Best Turkish Breakfasts in Istanbul
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Where to Eat the Best Breakfasts in Istanbul

Created : 01 Dec 2022
Where to Eat the Best Breakfasts in Istanbul

By Justin Mays:

The weekend is just around the corner, you've been working all week and haven't had the opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones? In Istanbul, there are hundreds of plans that you can make, but now that the cold is here, you want to be in a cozy place surrounded by delicious food. If you fancy a culinary plan, grab a pen and paper, because we suggest you delve into a typical Turkish breakfast. We hope you are starving!

What is the typical breakfast in Turkey?

In a typical Turkish breakfast you can find practically everything, so be prepared to eat, because you will be full for several hours. For some, more than a breakfast, it is a brunch. Normally, on the table, you will find dozens of small plates with various products. Olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, a cheese board, jams, honey, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, fresh herbs, bread, sausage, simit, börek, olive oil, Turkish pastries… These are just some of the delicacies with which you can delight yourself.

Usually, this experience begins with tea and ends with Turkish coffee, to ease digestion. Known as 'serpme kahvaltı', this breakfast is an important time to share food with family, friends and other loved ones. This custom, which is usually carried out mainly during the weekend, can last for hours and hours.




Best Places to Eat Turkish Breakfast in Istanbul

·         Sureya Kahvaltı, Şişli.This restaurant had to be, without a doubt, in our top 1. It is located in Osmanbay and has a huge interior terrace. They serve a very appetizing Turkish breakfast. In the blink of an eye, you will have a table full of food and colors. We recommend you go to this place on Sunday, and then go to the Feriköy Bazaar and lose yourself among the hundreds of antique objects that are sold in this market. A round plan!

·       Arada Cafe, Beyoğlu. Arada is a unique site. Its interior is very cozy, to such an extent that, when winter comes, they even light the fireplace, so that you feel as if you were at home. They serve a complete Turkish breakfast with hummus, scrambled eggs, olives, cheeses…


·         Balat Kapı Restaurant, Balat. Do you plan to spend the whole day in Balat? Stop at this restaurant to recharge your batteries before starting your day. They have a wide variety of coffees, typical breakfasts and homemade pastries.

·         Cafe Privato, Galata. The table full of food and the Galata Tower just around the corner? At Cafe Privato you will have this and much more. The place is charming and the food is spectacular. We are sure that you could spend hours in this cafeteria, enjoying a typical Turkish breakfast. If you go during the weekend, you can spend the rest of the day exploring the area and getting lost in the alleys that surround the Galata Tower.


·       Lades Menemen, Beyoğlu. This is a super local place, where you will find a very authentic Turkish breakfast. Lades Menemen is located in Beyoğlu and is a restaurant of a lifetime. Its specialty is Menemen, a typical Turkish dish that is usually eaten for breakfast and that contains egg, tomato, pepper and spices.

·         Cuma, Cukurcuma. This is a very special restaurant. Its interior is very welcoming and we are not lying when we say that you are going to feel as if you were in the house of a relative. It is as if you have just sat down in the living room of your aunt's house, ready to have breakfast with your loved ones. Their breakfasts are delicious, and it is not surprising, since they have entered the bib gourmand list of the Michelin Guide of Istanbul.


·       Cesme Bazlama, Nişantaşı. At Cesme Bazlama you will find delicious Turkish breakfasts. This restaurant, located in Nişantaşı, is one of the most popular for brunch lovers. They have everything and the best thing is that everything they serve is homemade. Also, the exterior of this place is beautiful: the facade is full of lilac flowers and colorful pots.

Do you want more? Here you have some different options

·         Brekkie Croissant & Cookie, Kadıköy. Are you a fan of croissants? This is your place! Brekkie Croissant & Cookie is known for serving croissant-based breakfasts to suit all tastes. They come in all flavors: with chocolate cream, with avocado, with jam, with pistachio, with cheese, with egg... It's delicious and, what's more, the place is beautiful.

·         Mangerie, Bebek. If you want to have a great breakfast with a beautiful view of the sea, you have to visit Mangerie. They have toasts, sandwiches and homemade pastries. After breakfast, you can take the opportunity to take a walk through Bebek.

·         Velvet Cafe, Balat. If you love vintage style and are looking forward to eating a good piece of cake, this is your cafeteria. Not only is it located in one of the most popular neighborhoods in Istanbul, but it is also one of the most charming cafeterias in the city. Don’t miss the opportunity to sit in Velvet Cafe for a while! After that, you can keep exploring Balat.

·         180 Coffee Bakery, Kadıköy. This site is well known for its breakfasts. Its most popular dish is the eggs benedict on toast. Have you already tried them? It also has a wide variety of coffees, some of them quite creative and others made with plant-based milk. If you like sweet flavors, you can't miss their warm baked oat milk chocolate cookies.

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