Best Sunsets in Istanbul
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The Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Istanbul

Created : 16 Dec 2022
The Best Places to Watch the Sunset in Istanbul

By Justin Mays:

No one doubts that Istanbul is a truly magical city. Although many locals say that it had more charm decades ago, when the population was smaller and the metropolis was oozing essence everywhere, it is indisputable that there is something about it that dazzles anyone. Surely it is because of the colors, the people, the architecture and the landscapes, among many others. Something easy to feel and difficult to explain, because, in the end, more than the material, what you fall in love with when you start to get to know Istanbul is its energy and its whole, how you end up feeling at home, being away from home.

Of the 24 hours a day has, there are a few moments that are truly bewitching: when the sun goes down. By itself, Istanbul is full of brown, in all its shades. Most likely, it is due to the enormous number of mosques that inhabit this city, and also to the colors of its buildings. But during the sunset, the metropolis is flooded even more with yellowish colors.

The magic can be such that, depending on the place you choose to watch the sunset, you can even have the feeling that you are being part of history. It can become a unique moment, almost out of a movie. So that you can experience this sensation, we show you below five perfect places to enjoy the best sunsets that Istanbul offers its guests.

Galata Tower

The Galata Tower is already one of the most romantic places in Istanbul. From the top of this historic monument, you can enjoy 360-degree views of the metropolis. It is an unparalleled, beautiful landscape that leaves no one indifferent, day or night. This is why the Galata Tower is a perfect place to enjoy the sunset. By being able to observe the exterior of the building from any of its angles, you will be able to enjoy a complete sunset. Although it is always good to make plans alone, we recommend that you enjoy, at least once, this sunset accompanied by a loved one, as it is a postcard that you will always remember.

Galata Bridge

We are still in the Galata area, and it is not surprising, because it is one of the areas with the best sunsets in Istanbul. Now, we are at the Galata Bridge. This is probably one of the most popular bridges in Turkey, known for the light blue color of its railings and for always being full of dozens of fishermen with their rods in the air. This bridge is located over the waters of the Golden Horn and connects the neighborhoods of Karaköy and Eminönü. From this point, you can enjoy a spectacular and very folksy sunset.

Pierre Loti

Located in Eyüpsultan, Pierre Loti is one of the most legendary restaurants in Istanbul. The restaurant is located on top of a hill and its name pays homage to the famous French novelist who lived in the metropolis between 1850 and 1923. The place is really big and has a terrace with beautiful views of the city and the Golden Horn. To get to Pierre Loti you can either use the cableway or walk. Keep in mind that if you decide to go up by foot, you will have to cross the Eyüp cemetery. Although it may sound a bit like a scary movie, it is a really interesting walk. From above, you will be able to see a beautiful sunset, accompanied by a very precise skyline of Istanbul.

Bosphorus cruise

A cruise on the Bosphorus is always a good plan, but even better if you can watch the sunset along the way. There are dozens of companies that organize cruises through these waters, but you can also enjoy the sunset using any of the ferries that cross from the Asian part of Istanbul to the European part. Navigating the Bosphorus is perhaps one of the most relaxing sensations that one can experience in the metropolis. The sea breeze, the swaying of the waves and the silence that is heard when you are far from the streets. For many, these journeys are usually a moment of disconnection and introspection.

If you decide to enjoy the sunset while crossing from one side to the other, keep in mind that it will be an experience of only a few minutes. However, if you decide to do one of the cruises organized by tourist companies, it may take up to three hours. It's a plan you can't miss, really!


Last but not least, we recommend you watch the sunset from Üsküdar. For many, this is the best place from which to observe the last hours of daylight, and for good reason. Üsküdar is one of the oldest neighborhoods on the Asian side and is lucky to have privileged views of the Bosphorus and the Marmara Sea. Although you can enjoy a beautiful sunset from any of the points that run along the coast of this district, we recommend you sit right in front of the Maiden's Tower. The postcard that is created when the sun touches the sea and begins to turn off the light of the tower is really beautiful. It leaves no one indifferent!

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