Best Parks in Istanbul
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Best Parks to Walk Through in Istanbul

Created : 14 Dec 2022
Best Parks to Walk Through in Istanbul

By Justin Mays:

Those who know Istanbul know that, in addition to being a beautiful city with a lot of history, it is also a place with a lot of chaos, noise and people running from one place to another. It is normal, then, in a city with so many inhabitants, the strange thing would be the opposite. It is clear that everything depends on the area through which you move. If you decide to go to Cevahir on a Saturday afternoon, you know what you're in for: rush and disorder. The same will happen to you if you end up in Beşiktaş after a football match has been held, or if you arrive at İstiklal at noon when all the sightseeing tours start.

But Istanbul always offers places to hide from noise and crowds. And that is something that makes this city an even more special place. If you prefer to make quieter and more intimate plans, you will always find dozens of cafeterias where you can enjoy coffee or tea in a relaxed way. If you want to socialize a bit, but not too much, you can always go to one of the local markets that are organized every day in the metropolis. And if you prefer to walk, sit and observe what is happening around you or organize a picnic, you can do it in one of the parks that this city has.

If you are one of the latter, below we recommend five parks that will help you recharge your batteries and connect with yourself, but also with the city. We hope you like them!

Emirgan Park

The Emirgan Park is the perfect place for all those who want to disconnect from the city and go on an enriching walk through nature. Although this park is in Istanbul, it is far enough from the center to feel like you are traveling to another place. It is in Sarıyer, about an hour and a half from the metropolis.

Mainly, it is known for its colorful tulip festival, an event that takes place during spring. The atmosphere that is created in this environment is idyllic, it looks like a postcard. However, keep in mind that you can visit this park throughout the year. In winter it will not be the same as in summer, but whatever the season, it always has a very special charm.

In addition, in this park, you will also find some restaurants and street food stands. It is also the perfect place to organize a picnic with family and friends.

Maçka Park

Located in Şişli, Maçka Park is one of the most popular green areas among the residents of this district and its neighboring neighborhoods. When the weather is good, it is usually filled with families having picnics and people walking. It is an ideal place, both for its location and its size.

This park has it all: grassy areas where one can sit, artificial ponds, benches, play areas for small children and areas with exercise equipment, a fairly common component in many of the parks in Turkey.

The lowest point of Maçka Park connects with the Dolmabahçe Palace, in case you are interested in continuing your day visiting this historical space. By the way, keep in mind that there is a Cableway that crosses this park from side to side, so if you want to have an aerial view of this green area, don't hesitate to get on it

Otağtepe-Fatih Park

Northwest of Istanbul, in the Beykoz district, in the Asian part of the metropolis, lies Otağtepe-Fatih park, a green area that has some of the most spectacular views of the Bosphorus. Surrounded by ponds and dense bushes, people who visit this park can get lost among the dozens of trails it offers. If you visit this space, keep in mind that it is so natural that it does not have cafeterias and that it is not allowed to have picnics on its lawn.

Gülhane Park

Gülhane is, for some, the most famous park in Istanbul. It is located in the Sırkecı neighborhood, in the Fatih district, and is part of the private gardens of Topkapı Palace. Back in the day, during the Ottoman era, these gardens were closed to everyone, except the sultan and the members of his royal court. However, today it is possible to visit this natural space for free.

The best time to visit Gülhane is in the spring when the park is filled with its popular tulip displays. Officially, this exhibition takes place in April, although, if the weather is good, it is possible to see the tulips from March.

On the other hand, this park also enjoys beautiful views of the Bosphorus and the Sea of​​Marmara, something that makes it even more special. It is the perfect place to spend the morning: walking, enjoying the flowers and breathing fresh air. A round plan!

Nakkaştepe Garden

Nakkaştepe is a park located in Üsküdar, in the Asian part of Istanbul. This green area has some beautiful paths and many terraces with views of the Bosphorus, which make it a perfect space to disconnect and breathe fresh air. Likewise, it also has play areas for the little ones, hundreds of trees and a cafeteria.

Stay tuned!

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