Essential Tips for Finding the Best Family Homes in Istanbul
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Tips for Finding the Best Family Homes in Istanbul

Created : 14 Jun 2024
Tips for Finding the Best Family Homes in Istanbul

While buying a home in general requires a lot of patience and effort, getting one where your family can live comfortably can be even more challenging. In fact, you need to make sure that the home you settle on accommodates your family’s diverse needs. 

Stick with us as we outline all the tips you should remember when house-hunting in Istanbul. 

How to Buy the Best Family Home in Istanbul

Our guide below can give you all the best pointers to make sure you make the best decision.

Space Is Key

One of the main things you should look into when buying a home is making sure it has ample space. This will ease some of the stresses of family life. Not to mention, it can also provide the possibility of expanding the family in the future without having to look for a bigger home.  

Practical Floor Plans

The practicality of the layout is crucial. A property with some extra storage space or a spare room to turn into a home office for a remote worker can do wonders to make life easy and give residents the most convenience.

Proximity to School

Living in a home far from educational institutions can mean hours of commute and tons of money spent on traveling back and forth. 

You can ditch the need to spend hours behind the wheel trying to get your kids to school by finding a home in this city that has good schools and colleges nearby.

Transportation Facilities 

Keep in mind that the home you settle on should have transport facilities close to it. This will take away the pressure of investing in a family car and help you save up big bucks on fuel costs.

Family-friendly Neighborhood

A family-friendly neighborhood can give your kids the chance to grow up in a secure and stable environment. It can also offer them ample opportunities to socialize with other kids.  

The Perks of Having a Family Home in Yedi Mavi

Before we wrap up, let us give you a sneak peek into Istanbul’s most sought-after Yedi Mavi residential project, and find out why it is the ideal place for families to live.

  • Yedi Mavi has some of the best luxury apartments in Istanbul in various sizes that range from 1+1 to 5+1. For those who desire even more space and access to a lush private garden, duplex options are available. And the best part is the 8+1 penthouse units that promise a delightful living experience.
  • The units here boast floor-to-ceiling windows so families can enjoy their every moment taking in the allure of the Marmara Sea. And let’s not forget the wide terraces for families to hang out and spend some quality time. 
  • Yedi Mavi’s location in Zeytinburnu makes it the perfect match for families who want to be near all the essential amenities. The project is close to popular entertainment spots such as the Olivium and Galeria Malls, Fisekhane, etc.
  • The Acibadem Bakirkoy Hospital is only a  few kilometers away. Furthermore, residents are never too far from any part of Istanbul, thanks to the Marmaray line that connects them to both sides of the city.

With ample greenery, access to the sea, and unlimited indoor and outdoor facilities, Yedi Mavi is the optimal choice for those looking for a serene and laid-back environment for their families.

Got any questions about this project? Talk to us and get the best offer today!

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