Bargain-priced Luxury Property-Real Estate Investment in Istanbul

Bargain-priced Luxury Property in Beylikduzu

Created : 22 Sep 2021
real estate investment in Istanbul

By. Justin Mays

Beylikduzu is one of the more newly constructed parts of Istanbul southwest of the city center on the Sea of Marmara. 

Beylikduzu has ten neighborhoods. Some of them are Adnan Kahveci Mahallesi, Marmar Mahallesi, Sahil Mahallesi, and Buyuk Sehir Mahallesi. 

Recently established, it was initially inhabited by people looking for newer earthquake-safe builds. As a result, the population has grown from 3000 in the early 1990s to 365,000 in 2020. 

The housing stock’s affordability and quality are what made this area so popular today. With turnkey high-end properties at meager prices, people from older districts, other parts of Turkey, and beyond are flocking here. 

Today’s blog will help you know about the bargain-priced luxury properties in Beylikduzu and all the facilities available here.

Transportation in Beylikduzu

Connection to main city arteries has also contributed to Beylikduzu’s population explosion. Being a planned development around the E-5 highway, something highly unusual in a historical city like Istanbul means that any bus coming from Yenibosna and Bakirkoy towards Buyukcekmece will get you there. 

Additionally, there is a subway line connecting to parts of the city, it is on the Metrobus express line, has a direct bus to Taksim, and there is a shuttle service to the Istanbul Airport. 

It is also connected to the TEM highway via the Hadikoy and Esenyurt service roads. It is a quick and smooth ride to anywhere you might like to go. 

Luxury Properties in Beylikduzu

Beylikduzu wasn’t always on top of every foreign investor’s list to explore for real estate investment. However, what once seemed like a far outpost of the city is now experiencing a wave of migration not only because of its accessibility but also for its development projects. 

Located in the suburbs, it offers high living standards to those interested in buying property here. The urban development in this area has sky-rocket recently, causing investors to purchase high-quality luxury villas and other properties here.

The constructions in Beylikduzu are earthquake-resistant, and the residential complexes are equipped with many social and recreational facilities. These include swimming pools, gardens, 24/7 security, children’s play areas, etc.

Apart from the rapid development, and improved quality of life, Beylikduzu offers its residents incredible views of the Marmara Sea.

No matter what requirements foreign investors have, Beylikduzu meets those requirements by offering luxury apartments, villas, and other properties.

It provides them a relaxed lifestyle in the suburbs while keeping them connected to the city center via an advanced public transport system.

Additionally, it has one of the highest increases in land and property value in Turkey, attracting savvy investors who gain profits in a short period. 

Beylikduzu’s Demographic

Attracting investors from all over has also created a culture of welcoming newcomers to the area. You will find people from around the world and Turkey living there seeking first-class luxury properties for all budgets and families. 

For more information, please read our blog on Why Expats Love Beylikduzu.

Schools & Universities in Beylikduzu

There is an abundance of reputable schools and universities. Expats that move here will have no trouble finding international schools for their children. We’re mentioning some of them below:

  • Al - Fanar Palestinian International School
  • Future International Private School
  • Yemeni International School
  • Tulip International School

You can also find Turkish schools such as the Imam Hatip School here. Similarly, some of the best universities are also located here:

  • Beykent University.
  • Fatih University
  • Okyanus University

Shopping in Beylikduzu

People from around the city come to the area to shop as well. Beylikduzu is home to the most shopping malls per square km in Istanbul. 

Owning one of the luxury properties in Beylikduzu gives you access to modern shopping malls packed with the top global brands.

Marmara Park Mall and Perla Vista Mall are the famous shopping malls here. Other shopping malls include:

  • Bauhaus AVM
  • Beylikduzu AVM
  • Beyaz City AVM

Green Spaces in Beylikduzu

Another accolade is that Beylikduzu is very green and full of trees, matching many European cities for its sheer amount of green spaces. New luxury projects are under construction, as well as public works projects like the IDO maritime transport station, a large botanical garden, and more. All of which will quickly drive up prices in the near future.

Parks & Tourist Attractions in Beylikduzu

Parks and scenic attractions are dotted all over Beylikduzu. The options for entertainment are unlimited. We’re listing some of the must-visit attractions below:

Life Valley or Yasam Valley

This place is ideal for spending the weekend since it is filled with greenery, ponds, and waterfalls. It is one of the largest city parks and has some restaurants and cafes for visitors to spend time.

Buyukcekmece Beach

The Buyukcekmece beach is perfect for beach lovers since it has all the major facilities, such as security and rescue teams.

Tepecik Camlik Park

The Tepecik Camlik Park is vast and offers excellent views, a quiet place to spend the day. It is perfect for picnics, having barbeques and camping. The peaceful ambiance takes away stress and helps you regain energy. This park also has playgrounds for children. 


For now, Beylikduzu is affordable and popular with high capital appreciation and rental prospects making Beylikduzu one of the best options for someone wanting to get onto the property ladder in Turkey through real estate investment in Istanbul.

If you are interested in purchasing a property in Beylikduzu, feel free to browse through our extensive list of properties for sale in Beylikduzu, Istanbul.

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