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Why Expats Love Beylikduzu

Created : 06 Oct 2021
Apartment for Sale in Beylikduzu

By. Justin Mays

Ask anyone who has visited Beylikduzu, a district in the European side of Istanbul, and they will tell you how beautiful the place is. 

Having an infrastructure that meets European standards, Beylikduzu is a magnet to people who want to live a high-quality life. 

That’s probably why the district has so many foreigners from countries like the US, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland, and Russia. 

The fact that Beylikduzu is close to Istanbul Ataturk Airport is icing on the cake. The district has a good transport network that makes it easily accessible – no matter the mode of transport you prefer. 

If you are someone who enjoys visiting brick-and-mortar stores for shopping rather than going online, you will love Beylikduzu. 


Well, this district is home to some of the most top-notch shopping malls in the city. Beylikduzu Migros AVM and PerlaVista Mall are two malls that come to mind. 

With broadened, clean streets with lush greenery that soothes the soul, another thing that gives peace of mind to its residents and visitors is the availability of a variety of medical facilities dotted around the area. With Ozel Beylikduzu being one of the leading hospitals with a 90-bed capacity, the district also has well-equipped surgical medical centers, dental clinics, and private centers for dialysis. 

The public and private education systems in Beylikduzu are pretty admirable. From kindergarten schools to universities, the education system is full of advantages that vary from one school to another. These include gyms, cafeterias, exterior gardens with and both Turkish and English curricula.  Some universities also offer the option of distance learning which is an added plus to this system. 

The West Istanbul Beylikduzu Marina Beach should not go unsaid. Offering an unforgettable relaxation atmosphere, this Marina offers everything that a person needs to escape from everyday life activities—offering to its visitors and members a sailing school, a helipad, spar center, raf park, swimming pool, ramp and a lot more. 

The district of Beylikduzu has quite several hotels that offer great deals for the quality of service provided. Beylife Suite Hotel, Ema Hotel, Vaspia Hotel, and Sarissa Hotel are some of the top-of-mind hotels in the area, with most of them closer to the shopping malls and medical facilities. Vaspia Hotel is known for its proximity to the Aquamarine, Florya Beach, Ataturk Olympic Stadium, and Istanbul Aquarium, all within 20 minutes. 

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