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Advantages of Homeownership in Turkey for Foreigners

Created : 11 Apr 2022
Home in Turkey

By Justin Mays: 

Living in Turkey is a dream for many given its beautiful coastal areas, warm friendly people, and pulsating cities. In thinking about relocating here one decision is easy - whether to rent or own your new property. Rising rents, good returns on investment, and building equity are all good reasons to purchase a property in Turkey. Here are some of the benefits and what the purchasing process looks like.

Citizenship and Residency Benefits

Those who purchase a property for 400.000 USD and above and keep the property for three years have the right to apply for Turkish citizenship and get a passport that allows for visa-free or visa on arrival travel to 104 countries. People who purchase a property below the USD 400,000 threshold, have the right to a residency permit.

Access to Health Services

The Turkish healthcare system is impressive. With your right to reside in Turkey you can buy into the public healthcare system, the SGK, allowing you access to public hospitals. Even without the SGK, you have the right to see doctors at family health centers for consultations and basic procedures (including blood work and some routine checkups). To do this, register at E-Nabiz (Personal Health System) using your TC identity number starting with 99 and assign yourself a family physician in your area, then make an appointment.

Access to Educational services

You can register your children in state schools for free. There are also adult continuing education courses through the ISMEK program. You can study Turkish here and once your level is good enough have a range of courses to choose from covering diverse areas like cooking, vocational skills, fine arts, and more.

Access to Arts and Culture

Once you have residency you get reduced entry fees to museums and heritage sites throughout Turkey run by the local and national governments through the purchase of the Muze Kart (Museum Card). For a one-time fee, often less than the cost of entry to some major sites, the Muze Kart allows visitors to enjoy the treasures of Turkey from diverse sites like Gobeklitepe to Istanbul’s Archeological Museum for a nominal fee.  Some privately owned museums also offer free entry once a week on designated days for residents. Additionally, some performances and entry to amusement parks, etc., offer a locals-only price.

The Purchasing Process

1. Contact Prime Property Turkey to discuss which neighborhoods and types of residences are right for you and to view our extensive portfolio.

2. View available properties in person or online and select the right one for you with our expert guidance.

3. Our experts take over and do a full check of the property including making sure all permits and registrations are in order. After we clear the property for purchase, we support you through the buying process.

4. After signing the contract, all needed paperwork is submitted to the relative government authorities.

5. Finally, we guide you through the payment process. And the property is yours! 

6. Kindly note that Prime Property Turkey also offers after-sale services, including rentals, re-sale, property management, and interior design.

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