Galataport / Tomtom / İstiklal Galata Tower / Karaköy
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Galataport / Tomtom / İstiklal Galata Tower / Karaköy

Created : 28 Dec 2022

One of the best things to do in Istanbul is admiring the stunning views that many places offer within the city and few of the most famous we would be covering in today’s walk includes Galata Port, Tomtom Neighborhood, walking through the famous İstiklal Street to Galata Tower and ending the journey back in the beautiful historical Karaköy.
We hope you enjoyed watching.
00:00 Prime Walks Intro
00:22 Galataport is more than just a cruise port! The mega project brings together all fields of life, from tourism to culture, dining, shopping and entertainment. After being closed for nearly 200 years, the historic port reopens its unparalleled coastline for the public to use and enjoy.
04:22 Tomtom has a very special place within Beyoğlu. The neighborhood is a unique oasis surrounded by consulates, schools, palaces and huge gardens. A promising center of creation with a rich history and architecture carrying the past into the present from its restaurants to art galleries and museums to design stores.
05:33 İstiklal Street, historically known as the Grand Avenue of Pera is one of the most famous avenues in Istanbul. Pedestrianized Istiklal Caddesi, throbs day and night and offers a fantastic array of architectural sights, shops, treats, and throngs upon teeming throngs of people.
08:20 Galata Tower, built in 500 AD is one of Istanbul’s most iconic visuals, overlooking Beyoğlu and Karaköy from its perched position, while the colorful lights of the tower can be seen at night from all over the city. It was used in past as a watchtower to help defend the city.
09:55 Karaköy, located right in front of the old town, near the Galata Bridge and down the famous Galata Tower. Karaköy is a happening harborside area where funky cafes and late-night cocktail bars mix with traditional neighborhood bakeries and family-run shops.

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