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Unmanned Life Guard Robot Saves Ten from Drowning

Created : 10 Aug 2022
rescue robot

By Justin Mays:

Robotics and automation have proved to be helpful to humans, saving lives and helping detect diseases. Konyaalti beach now has a remote-controlled unmanned robot that has saved ten people from drowning this summer.

Due to this unmanned lifeguard, tourists and locals have become more relaxed when visiting the world-famous beach. A lot has shown appreciation for this locally produced robot.

Mr. Mehmet Sahin, Operation Manager for Antalya Metropolitan Konyaalti, indicated that many summer vacationers have been impressed by the prompt intervention in drowning cases, reported the Daily Sabah.

A regular beach visitor, Ali Akin, suffered a cramp while swimming and was recently saved by this life-saving robot. "The lifeguards' team were meticulous. I had a cramp in my feet, and when they noticed, they immediately sent a lifeguard robot. I got to the shore comfortably. Here we can swim safely," he said.

In 2020 a 17-month-year-old hound was a member of the 55-sound crew monitoring this 7km beach. Known for sensing danger, the canine lifeguard got famous for its rapid response.

On the beach in Venencia, a 14-year-old boy was recently saved by a drone that dropped him on a life jacket. The life jacket was able to keep the boy afloat until a physical lifeguard team arrived moments later. This shows how much technology is helping save human lives. 

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