Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate
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Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate

Created : 10 Jun 2024
Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate

The Turkish citizenship by real estate investment program is a highly attractive option for those looking to gain a second citizenship. By investing a minimum of $400,000 in Turkish real estate, investors can apply for citizenship, enjoying numerous benefits from the vibrant Turkish market.

Program Overview

1. Investment Requirement:

  • Minimum investment: $400,000 in real estate.
  • The property must be held for at least three years.

2. Property Types:

  • Investors can choose from residential, commercial, or land properties.

3. Application Process:

  • Purchase the property and complete all legal requirements.
  • Apply for a residency permit.
  • Submit a citizenship application after obtaining residency.

Benefits of the Program

  • Fast Track to Citizenship:

The process is efficient and can often be completed within a few months.

  • Family Inclusion:

Investors can include their spouse and children under 18 in the application.

  • Visa-Free Travel:

Turkish citizens enjoy visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to numerous countries.

  • Economic and Lifestyle Benefits:

Access to Turkey's dynamic economy and high quality of life.

Investment Potential

Turkey's real estate market offers high potential for appreciation. Investors can choose from a wide range of properties, from luxurious city apartments to serene coastal villas. The demand for real estate in Turkey is growing, making it a sound investment choice.


The Turkish citizenship by real estate investment program is a practical and efficient way to gain a second citizenship and invest in a vibrant market. With its streamlined process, attractive real estate options, and numerous benefits, Turkey is an ideal destination for global investors.

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