Turkey metro system

Turkey’s Fastest metro line takes off for a test drive

Created : 17 Nov 2021
Turkey metro system

By Justin Mays 

Minister Karaismailoglu highlighted that 96% of the line is complete. 60% of the products used for the railway cars are indigenous and this line will also be used for trains that make use of domestic engines. The metro line will be saving 600.000 passengers per day. It will take 24 minutes for passengers from Zincirlikuyu to get to the Airport and 41 minutes for those in Taksim to arrive at the Airport.

There are nine stations between Geyrettepe and Istanbul Airport and seven stations from the Airport to Halkali. The line will make a stop in Kagithane and Eyupsultan districts on its route to Istanbul Airport. The Minister indicated that currently, the metro line in Istanbul is covering 259km and after the completion of ongoing projects, it will be covering 363 km. 

 The journey from the airport by this line is expected to be comfortable for passengers leaving at the airport who wish to avoid the busy traffic in the city which is worsening. This fast metro line is expected to deliver the best service in the city while arriving safely with the passengers. 

The Minister added that the metro bus is also helping millions of commuters who travel every day from the traffic that stretches beyond rush hours. Turkey will be able to save $3.01 million for the next 3 decades due to the introduction of its new metro line. The advantage of using the metro line is that there will be less road maintenance, low pollution, and a reduction in passengers travel time.

Turkey’s local transportation system is among the best in Europe and it is very reliable. Commuters can choose from boats, trams, metro buses, metro, or taxis when moving around the cities and provinces.  With the rate of Turkey’s infrastructure growth, the country may find itself more business opportunities in the future.  

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