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Turkey’s Covid-19 response and buying real estate

Created : 28 Feb 2021
Properties in Turkey

By. Justin Mays

Worldwide pandemic fatigue has well and truly set in, nevertheless it is worthwhile to look to the strong Turkish healthcare system’s and leadership’s response to the corona virus and what that means for buying properties in Turkey from us.

 To curb the virus’ spread Turkey currently has 9 PM curfews on weeknights and partial lockdowns on weekends as well as limited numbers for social gatherings. However, international visitors do not need to adhere to these rules when visiting to look at Homes for Sale Turkey. Health Minister FahrettinKoca announced that Turkey will start to gradually normalize from coronavirus restrictions as of March 1 and a new tiered system based on a set of criteria for safety will be implemented giving provincial health boards the authority to relax rules based on regional data. Schools have started reopening and the solid policies to curb the fallout from Covid-19 are showing results. The modern affordable health care system here has proved strong throughout the crisis and many doctors speak English. Access to PCR tests is universal and set at price of 250 Lira, to date more than 32.93 million coronavirus tests have been performed and PCR tests are even available 3.5 hours before international flights in major airports. Turkey began their Covid-19 vaccination campaign using Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac’s vaccine on Jan. 14 and has administered over 8, 531, 947 vaccine doses as of February 26 to mostly health care workers and the elderly and they are launching the second stage on March 1.

Like all industries, the real estate market has also had to modify its procedures in order to adjust the crisis.  Notwithstanding an initial market drop due to uncertainties from the spread of coronavirus in the first half of the year, house sales increased more than 11 percent in 2020 compared with 2019. A total of 1.5 million housing units were sold in Turkey last year, according to data from the country’s statistics institute (TÜIK). For those not able to travel and see their future properties in Turkey themselves Prime Property Turkey is equipped to help you virtually. Our global investors can count on us for ease of transaction and consultants are ready to answer your questions. In the meantime, browse our detailed listings and ask us to arrange virtual viewings.

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