Turkey Economic Outlook for Remaining Half of 2024
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Turkey Economic Outlook for Remaining Half of 2024

Created : 11 Jun 2024
Turkey Economic Outlook for Remaining Half of 2024

S&P Global Ratings has upgraded Turkey's credit rating outlook from "B" to "B+" with a positive outlook, citing the Turkish government's rebalanced economic strategy. This strategy includes fiscal, monetary, and income policy adjustments aimed at stabilizing the economy. The rating agency expects Turkey to streamline fiscal policies, cut non-wage expenditures, and maintain tight credit conditions. Despite a challenging economic environment, S&P forecasts rising portfolio inflows, narrowing current account deficits, and declining inflation, driven by a stable exchange rate and reduced dollarization of the economy.

In-depth Analysis and Personal Thoughts on Turkey's Economic Rebound:

The upgrade of Turkey's credit outlook by S&P Global Ratings marks a significant milestone in the country's journey towards economic stability. This positive adjustment, from "B" to "B+", reflects the agency's confidence in Turkey's rebalanced economic strategy. Such an upgrade is particularly noteworthy given Turkey's recent economic turbulence, characterized by high inflation, currency depreciation, and political instability.

Factors Contributing to Turkey’s Economic Rebound

Fiscal and Monetary Policy Reforms:

The Turkish government’s commitment to streamlining fiscal, monetary, and income policies is a central element of the improved outlook. S&P's report highlights that Ankara is expected to implement cuts to non-wage expenditures and maintain tight credit conditions. These measures are essential for curbing inflation, which has been a significant challenge for Turkey. The central bank's decision to raise the benchmark interest rate to 50% underscores the seriousness of the monetary tightening efforts aimed at controlling inflation.

Stable Exchange Rate and Reduced Dollarization:

The stabilization of the nominal exchange rate is another critical factor in the economic rebound. By promoting the de-dollarization of private and public balance sheets, Turkey aims to reduce its dependency on foreign currencies, which has historically exacerbated economic volatility. A stable lira is crucial for investor confidence and for controlling the import-driven inflation that has plagued the economy.

Political Stability:

The absence of scheduled national elections until 2028 provides a window of opportunity for policymakers to implement necessary but potentially unpopular economic reforms without immediate electoral repercussions. This political stability can help ensure the continuity and effectiveness of the economic policies being put in place.

Rebalanced Growth and Trade:

S&P notes that net exports are contributing positively to growth, signaling a rebalancing of the Turkish economy. This shift towards a more export-oriented growth model is essential for long-term sustainability. Additionally, the improvement in the current account deficit, driven by rising portfolio inflows, reflects increasing investor confidence.

Orthodox Economic Policy Approach:

A return to more orthodox economic policies under the new economic team installed last year has been a pivotal move. This approach contrasts with the unorthodox policies of previous years, which included lower interest rates to spur growth despite rising inflation. The shift towards conventional economic measures is expected to enhance policy coordination and improve macroeconomic stability.

Challenges and Risks

While the outlook upgrade is a positive development, several challenges and risks remain:

High Inflation:

Despite the central bank's efforts, inflation remains a significant concern. With projections of inflation peaking at 75% in May before dropping to around 36% by year-end, the battle against rising prices is far from over. Persistent inflation can erode purchasing power and undermine economic stability.

Currency Depreciation:

The Turkish lira's performance remains weak, being one of the worst among emerging market currencies. Further depreciation pressures could arise, particularly if global financial conditions tighten or if there are adverse geopolitical developments.

Fiscal Discipline:

Maintaining fiscal discipline, especially in the aftermath of the recent earthquake that necessitated substantial public spending, will be crucial. Effective management of public finances is essential to avoid exacerbating the debt burden and to ensure sustainable economic growth.

External Factors:

Turkey’s economic prospects are also tied to external factors, including global economic conditions, geopolitical developments, and trade relationships. Any adverse changes in these areas could impact Turkey’s economic trajectory.

Personal Thoughts on Turkey's Economic Rebound

Turkey's journey towards economic stabilization is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of its economic policymakers. The upgrade by S&P is not just a reflection of current conditions but also a vote of confidence in the future direction of Turkey's economic strategy. The rebalancing efforts, particularly in aligning fiscal and monetary policies, are steps in the right direction.

However, the path to sustained economic health requires continuous vigilance and adaptability. The government's ability to navigate the delicate balance between tightening policies to control inflation and supporting growth will be crucial. Moreover, maintaining political stability and ensuring effective communication with domestic and international stakeholders can help build further confidence in Turkey's economic prospects.

In conclusion, while challenges remain, the proactive measures taken by the Turkish government and central bank provide a solid foundation for a potential economic rebound. The upgraded credit outlook is an encouraging sign, suggesting that Turkey is on a path towards greater economic stability and resilience.

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