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Tersane: Istanbul’s Newest Hub for Living in and Enjoying the City

Created : 01 Oct 2021
apartments for sale in Istanbul

By. Justin Mays

Following on the heels of the Galataport project, Tersane Istanbul (Haliç Tersanesi/Golden Horn Shipyard), a 219.033m² development on the shores of the Golden Horn, is winning awards and is an excellent example of urban renewal done well. 

Development in this area is nothing new. The natural attributes of the Golden Horn led to it being developed as an inner harbor for the city and since then has had a longstanding legacy of shipbuilding and repairs. In 1455 Sultan Mehmed II established an imperial shipyard across from what is now the old city in the Genoese area of Galata. During the Republican Period, the area continued as a shipyard zone with leisure areas surrounding the industrial area. In the 1960s the area lost popularity and was further industrialized with shoddy irregularly constructed residential areas and in the following decades became an economically depressed area. It wasn’t until the early 80s that the first attempts to clean up the area began. In 2019 Erdogan broke ground for this ambitious project which will feature marinas, museums, science and cultural centers, hotels, a cinema, residences, shops, offices and more.  The project is expected to boost the economy providing employment for 60,000 people (out of which 45000 are indirect jobs). With over 30% of the project designated for art and cultural spaces it will become a popular destination for people from all over the world starting with the 2021 Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair this October. It is estimated that 30 million visitors will come to Tersane annually. 

With respect to its rich history, today the site has new and renovated structures designed to conserve and renew the area and blend into the city’s iconic silhouette. Moreover, the project has been designed to reclaim coastline for recreational activities. Currently you can join one of the many rowing clubs dotting the shore or take a walk along the shore, but this renewal project will open up 100000 square meters of outdoor space that has not been utilized to its full potential. It has already been recognized internationally with the acclaimed Tabanlio?lu Architects Firm behind the design. They won the ‘Future Projects – Commercial Mixed Use’ at the 2020 World Architecture Festival bring a lot of prestige to the project. Blending new designs with respect to the remaining historical structures will make this an exciting development to explore. 

This project is an excellent example of the changing face of Istanbul, a top-quality regeneration project blending the rich history of the city with modern desires of its residents. The Golden Horn is a continuation of the waters of the Bosphorus and Sea of Marmara, but where housing with sea views can still be bought at a fraction of the price. If you want easy access to all that the new landmark of Tersane has to offer, consider exploring apartments for sale in Istanbul neighborhoods, Galata and Kasimpasa.

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