Healthcare in Turkey-Turkish Citizenship by Investment
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Healthcare in Turkey

Created : 12 Aug 2021
Turkish citizenship by investment

By. Justin Mays

No one likes to think about being ill and being in a new place compounds the stress, discomfort and confusion surrounding poor health and medical emergencies. When moving to Turkey you can be assured of first-rate health services. Both public and private healthcare services are easily accessible and affordable with high quality doctors and care givers. 

After you invest in Turkey, deciding which insurance you want should be top of your list when you settle in.  You can apply for Turkish State Health Insurance (SGK) after a year of residency in Turkey for nominal costs or immediately after completing your Turkish citizenship by investment requirements. Children under 18 can also benefit from their parents’ SGK, coverage for an entire family as of January 2019 stood at $350 USD. Private health insurance costs between $400 USD-$1800 annually dependent on the age and general well-being of the individual applicant. The more expensive options cover the priciest hospitals in Turkey like Acibadem and American Hastane. Even out of pocket costs are reasonable, medical related services and pharmaceutical costs in Turkey are extremely affordable in comparison to Europe and the USA making Turkey an especially attractive to retirees who would face steep costs in their home countries. Both state and private healthcare is easily accessible for expats and it is your choice to pick what plan is best. 

For the very best access to modern facilities, several urban and regional areas are good spots to move to: Istanbul, Antalya, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Mu?la, and Ayd?n are some of the top areas for health care treatments. There are several types of health care facilities to know about. Each town or village has a family health center (Saglik Ocagi Merkezi) which are similar to a local doctor’s surgery. State hospitals (Devlet Hastanesi) are larger and offer emergency services and specialist treatments. Although doctors here are professional these are often more crowded, and you are less likely to find someone who speaks languages other than Turkish here. Additionally, there are many private doctor surgeries and polyclinics that usually have better facilities. Private hospitals are of the highest standard and cost more but will more likely have services that are the most comparable to what you have in your native country. 

Once you’ve been diagnosed you may need medication which you will find at the local pharmacy (Eczane). Those with SGK will pay 10-20% of cost of prescriptions. Private insurance coverage varies dependent on your chosen plan. Most standard medication is cheaper than in Europe and the USA. Pharmacists also have the training to make recommendations and prescribe treatments when you walk in and some pharmaceuticals that you would need a prescription for back home will be available over the counter. There is no need to feel nervous about getting quality medical care in Turkey.  There is a reason why Turkey has become a top destination for medical tourism and owning a property here will allow you easy access to some of the most modern healthcare worldwide. 

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