Wheat Vessel from Ukraine arrives in Turkey

First Wheat Vessel from Ukraine Harbours in Istanbul

Created : 15 Aug 2022

By Justin Mays:

The ship carrying 3.050 metric tons of wheat from Ukraine arrived in Istanbul on the 14th of August. According to a statement by the Joint Coordination Center, the ship had left Ukraine's port of Chornomorsk on Friday. 

Ukraine has 20 million tons of surplus grain from last year, expecting another 20 million tons of wheat harvest this year. U.N, Russia, Ukraine, and Turkiye signed a landmark deal in a bid to release wheat and other grain trapped in Ukraine's Black Sea ports to avert the global food crisis. 

It was the first shipment of wheat from Ukraine and Russia, which account for nearly a third of global wheat exports. Over the past two weeks, a total of 18 ships have departed from Ukraine following the deal with Russia to allow a recommencement of grain exports from Ukraine's Black Sea ports. 

Before the war, Ukraine exported 5 million tons of grain a month, and this diplomatic deal will restore Ukrainian previous grain shipment levels. 

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