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Exemption of Work Permit For Certain Fields | Turkey

Created : 04 Nov 2022
Turkish work permit

By Justion Mays:

Previously, for one to work in Turkey, they must possess a work permit. However, this has been reversed for some fields of work.

Of the various professions for foreigners in Turkey, the following have been exempted from having a work permit for a specific period. 


Athletes are now allowed to work in Turkey without a work permit until the end of their work contract. 


Students at universities and other public institutions in Turkey have been exempted for two years. Those researching to further their studies also fall in the same bracket. 


Foreigners employed in agriculture and animal husbandry have been exempted from having a work permit for six months. 

Fairs and Circus Workers 

Six months exemption period was also awarded to employees in the entertainment industry, specifically those who work at fairs and circuses. 

Arts and Culture 

Those specializing in science, culture and artistry are given a whole month of exemption. 

Exchange Students

Students who are doing an internship in Turkey and those who come through the student exchange program can work for four months, benefiting from this exemption. 

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