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Urbanization and New Projects in Turkey

Created : 05 Aug 2022

By Justin Mays:

Cleaner, greener, and with significant new urban projects, Turkey has changed immensely in the last 20 years. Turkey is growing fast. In this period of rapid urbanization, why is it profitable to invest in Turkey? 

Turkey’s urban population has moved from 25 percent in 1950 to almost 75 percent today. This has resulted in primary cities like Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara, as well as secondary cities like Eskisehir and Mersin having massive infrastructure and financial needs. Social inclusion, sustainable development, environmental risks, and urban planning are at the top of its agenda. There is still an opportunity to invest during its dramatic development to be part of the wave that enters its new urbanization era.

Early investments in Turkey’s urbanization movement have been highly lucrative, especially in places like Gaziantep, Antalya, and Adana. Early investors in the private sector and those who invested at the cusp of urbanization have seen significant market gains from this growth.


The Turkish government has created accessible market entry points for those who want to capitalize on their country’s economic growth and development. With its large domestic market, young population, skilled labor force, strategic location, governmental incentives on offer, low tax rates, and rapidly growing diverse sectors monetarizing on the growth for the betterment of the country is a savvy decision. 

Some things remain the same, as cities around the country are growing, so are the breathtaking views and fabulous lifestyle available in Turkey. Affordable luxury villas are available in new projects from Atesehir to Beylikduzu in Istanbul and throughout the country. Urbanization now emphasizes greenery and uses the natural surroundings like sea views to their maximum potential. Numerous top-notch developments are available throughout the country.

Turkey is where the urban lifestyle meets the very human needs of its inhabitants. Real estate is a simple entry point to invest in this exceptionable period of economic growth. With discounts for cash payments, strong local infrastructure development surrounding new projects and old neighborhoods, and a favorable exchange rate, astute investors will continue to look towards Turkey to invest in real estate and urbanization.

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