Reasons to move to Turkey
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This is why you should move to Turkey

Created : 26 Nov 2021
Why live in Turkey

By Justin Mays:

Moving to a new place is a big decision, so what makes Turkey the best candidate for your new home?

Affordable Living

Turkey offers great value for your money. Real estate options abound for all budgets. Once you decide on your dream Turkish property you will be pleasantly surprised by the cost for your basic needs and day-to-day living. Health care is top quality and affordable. Food is fresh and seasonal at exceptional prices compared to what you would find in the UK or USA. Real estate taxes and more are also lower than many other countries.  For a homeowner, construction and maintenance costs are way lower than what you find elsewhere with skilled handymen, plumbers usually available the day you call.

Safety and Low Crime Rate

The U.S Department of State has assessed Turkey as being a low-threat location. Although violent crimes do occur, they are infrequent and generally do not target expatriates. Overall, neighbors look out for each other, and Turkey is safe.


The Mediterranean climate in Turkey is ideal. The Southern coast is known for having over 300 days of sunshine annually. If you ever tire of the coastal sun, you can easily take a short domestic flight in the winter to one of the ski resorts or check out one of the options on our Autumn Day trips from Istanbul. Ease of Residency The process of getting a resident permit gets easier over the year and if you purchase a property worth more than $400.000 USD you are eligible for Turkish citizenship.

Health care

Turkey has a robust medical tourism industry because of its top-tier doctors, modern medical facilities, and low costs. You can pay into the Turkish government’s SGK insurance or buy one of the many private insurance packages on the market. Same-day appointments and cheap walk-in costs fill out this exceptional health care system. Turkish Hospitality Turkish Hospitality is legendary. People in Turkey are friendly and curious about the people they encounter. Undoubtedly after your arrival, you will find yourself making fast friends with the local community and sharing a Turkish tea together.

History and Culture

With its rich history and diverse geography, there is so much to see and do in Turkey. You will never lack opportunities to explore and enjoy its offerings.

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