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The beautiful, peaceful Kagithane district

Created : 14 Oct 2021
Buy Property in kagithane  Istanbul

By. Justin Mays

As one of the fast-developing areas in Istanbul, it is interesting to look at what is drawing the investors and immigrants to join this peaceful location, Kagithane. The 16km2 area which was once a working industry is open to urban regeneration projects, where they are replacing old buildings with new ones to give this area a modern feel. 

Besides the new projects that are attracting investors, there are other factors that make Kagithane stand out from other areas in Istanbul and they will be explained below. 


kagithane district is on the European side of Istanbul.  It is said that, in Istanbul, all roads lead to Kagithane which makes it a central location. The E-5 highway leads to  Sisli which is on the south of Kagithane while on its north, it meets Eyup and Maslak on TEM road. With a good public transport system, the airport is easily accessible from Kagithane. The fact that the district meets both of the Bosphorus bridges also puts it on a map for tourists. The centrality of the location also makes it desirable for residents who work in the business district of Levent.

Real estate Investment 

Kagithane is one of the districts in Istanbul which is experiencing considerable expansion in residential buildings and this is attracting buyers and immigrants from other parts of Turkey and also from around the world. Kagithane has affordable residential locations compared to its neighbors Levent and Sisli hence some are considering living in Kagithane and commuting to Levent which is a commercial district. 

Kagithane Municipality

The kagithane Municipality has done the most in the past few years and they are still fulfilling their promises to their residents. Kagithane has 320 parks which are used for recreational purposes by its residents who often visit for picnics and for relaxation. Cultural centers, life skills workshops, and fitness centers are some of the services and facilities that are offered to help this district to be lively, active, and healthy from children to adults.


Compulsory education is in three parts which are primary education, elementary education, and secondary education in Kagithane so as the whole of Turkey. It takes 12 years. The location has more than 20 schools and four universities, private and public which cater for ex-pats and local students providing them with good quality education which equips them for their career paths. In elementary schools, students are given information on vocational and technical high schools into which they will enroll.  International students who want to enroll in any of the universities should apply directly to the university and scholarships are also awarded to the foreign students. 

Shopping Malls

Residents in Kagithane have all the necessities they want in their vicinity from restaurants, pharmacies, super markets which makes it easier to reside in this location. Istanbulities are known for their love of shopping in large malls and fortunately, Kagithane residents have the ability to do the same in Cevahir Mall which is located 12 minutes away, in Sisli. This mall gives a great experience to the visitors. It is 10 000 square meters dedicated to the dinning area giving the diners enough space to enjoy their meals and discuss whatever they please with their family and friends. The mall is also popular for carrying the second largest clock in the world which was constructed in 2005 and is 32 meters in diameter. Other malls which are in the vicinity of Kagithane residents are Kanyon Mall and Ozdilek Mall. 


Turkey is known for medical tourism, and people from around the world come for procedures which include hair transplant, breast augmentation, facelift, kidney dialysis, and dental care. Kagithane is doing its fair share of providing international quality services to both its residents and foreigners who come in for services. Kagithane residents get medical services from Ozel Yasar Hospital, Kagithane State Hospitals, Derinderi Hospital, and Ozel Level Hospital, amongst other major Hospitals. Apart from this, they also get medical attention from local medical centers and clinics. However, it should not go unsaid that Derindere Hospital is one of the best in the district with the best doctors who provide services such as radiology, lymph drainage, lip fillings and many other services. 


Sheraton Istanbul hotel, Bilek Istanbul hotel, and Tempo Hotel Caglayan are some of the hotels with good ratings and that are easily accessible to Kagithane. These hotels have some of the best upscale, scenic views in the district offering rooms with modern designs and luxurious decor. Some of the hotels in Kagithane offer event hosting services and has have meeting rooms available. Some of the services offered by these hotels are free parking, an on-site spa, and also ATM which are in the vicinity of the buildings. 

Whether you want to come to Kagithane for vacation, as an investor or you want to move to the area, everything that will make you feel comfortable and confident about your choice is readily available and more infrastructure is yet to be build presenting better opportunities for the residents of this area.  

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