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Residence Permit In Turkey Through The Purchase Of The Real Estate

Created : 27 Jan 2023
turkish residence permit

By Justin Mays:

Turkey is becoming the world’s favorite destination for education, business, and tourism. People across the globe are liking Turkey so much that they are planning to stay longer, buy property by the sea, and have a good time. More people from abroad are showing their interest in the residence permit.

With the purchase of property (for housing) you get a short-term renewable residence for one year. It is issued by the Directorate General of Immigration management. The foreigner who owns the property can grant his family the residence of a companion.

What are the steps to get residency by purchasing property in Turkey?

  • When you purchase a Turkish property, you get a title deed. After that, you book an appointment at the Directorate General of Immigration management.

  • You are called for an interview at the immigration dept where you submit the required documents.

  • Once this is done, you pay the fee for getting the residence permit.

  • Your residence card is sent to you via post once your application gets approved.

Which Cities Are Included in getting a residency permit for the purchase of property in Turkey?

A list of the 30 cities that qualify for USD 75,000 are hence considered "large cities" They are:

  • Adana 

  • Antalya

  • Aydin 

  • Balikesir 

  • Bursa

  • Denizli 

  • Diyarbakir 

  • Erzurum 

  • Eskisehir 

  • Gaziantep 

  • Hatay 

  • Istanbul

  • Izmir

  • Kahramanmaras 

  • Kayseri 

  • Kocaeli 

  • Konya

  • Malatya

  • Manisa 

  • Mardin

  • Mersin 

  • Mugla

  • Ordu 

  • Sakarya 

  • Samsun 

  • Sanliurfa 

  • Tekirdag 

  • Trabzon

  • Van 

If you are planning to purchase property in the remaining cities and districts of Turkey like Rize or Yalova, you'll be required to meet a minimum of USD 50,000 to be eligible for the resident permit scheme.

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Should the property be of a fixed value for getting real estate residence in Turkey?

  • Till now, even if you applied for residency by purchasing low-value real estate, signing a rental agreement, staying in a hotel, or with relatives and friends, you were eligible to get a real estate residence. For instance, if you recently purchased a property after April 26, 2022, in Ankara, and paid 26,000 for a one-bedroom apartment, you were eligible for residency under the tourism classification system despite the low value of your property.

  • However, according to the latest announcement, foreigners who completed their visa stay in Turkey will need to leave and won't get tourist residency permits anymore. Since February 10, 2022, the applications of foreigners who entered Turkey for the first time and requested a tourist residency permit in Turkey have been rejected and illegal immigrants will immediately be deported.

  • As per the latest decision by the Presidency of Turkish Migration Management, foreigners who wish to obtain short-term residence permits or family residence permits via the purchase of a property will be subject to an updated minimum value.

  • Foreigners who bought real estate are granted a residency permit for up to two years.

  • Revisions as per the latest decision:

  • As of May 5, 2022, if you or your family wish to have a residency permit you will have to ensure that the property you buy from now is worth at least:

  • Minimum USD 75,000 if it is located in one of the 30 metropolitan cities in Turkey

  • Minimum USD 50,000 if it is located in one of the remaining smaller cities in Turkey.

  • This means that from now foreign nationals will have to buy a house from Istanbul or Izmir that is worth at least USD 75,000.

  • If the value of the property you purchase in Turkey reaches USD 400,000 you become eligible for the "Turkish citizenship by property investment" program. 

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Benefits of getting a residency permit after purchasing property in Turkey

Those who buy property get many privileges on Turkish land.

  • Real estate permit: It’s almost like a tourist permit but you can renew your permit without any complications as required.

  • Ownership permit. The buyer is eligible to get a Turkish ID card as well. The property owner gets to reside on Turkish land if the property value is a minimum worth USD 400,000, the owner also becomes eligible to obtain Turkish citizenship.

  • You can open an account in a Turkish bank if you own a property.

  • The property owner is also eligible for a Turkish driver's license with a simple process.

What are the documents required to get residence through the purchase of property in Turkey?

  • Passport: A valid passport for at least 6 months.

  • Tax number: It can be issued for no extra charge within a few minutes.

  • Medical insurance: You can get medical insurance in Turkey for about 1000 TL per year per person. For women, it can be more expensive.

  • Copy of the passport: A photocopy of the page with the photo and the page of the last entry.

  • 4 colored photographs

  • A copy of TAPU along with the original documents.

  • Bank statement for USD 500 for 1 month

  • Registration card worth 50 TL

  • A family statement of children translated and certified by the Turkish Embassy.

A completed application form requesting the renewal is issued at the police department.

One can also get a residence permit on the basis of:

  • Having a Turkish spouse or relatives

  • Work or study in Turkey

  • Having minors studying in Turkey

  • Being referred for treatment in Turkey

Some frequently asked questions

For how many years residence permit can be granted to property owners in Turkey?

It can be granted for one year initially and later can be extended multiple times for as long till the ownership remains. Every extension can be granted for up to two years.

Can a residence permit be obtained on basis of land or commercial property ownership?

By the name, a residence permit can be only granted to foreigners who buy a property for housing purposes. 

Can foreigners obtain Turkish citizenship after staying in Turkey for 5 years on a residence permit?

Foreigners staying in Turkey on a residence permit for five years continuously can apply for Turkish citizenship if they transfer their residence permit to a work permit. Students who have completed their education in Turkey and transferred their student residence permit to a work permit also become eligible if they have been staying in the country for the last five years. Foreign nationals who are married to Turkish citizens for at least three years can apply for Turkish citizenship as well.

Can foreign nationals work in Turkey after obtaining a residence permit?

A residence permit does not allow foreigners to be employed in Turkey. To work within the country, their respective employer must apply for a work permit on their behalf. For foreigners who are not residence permit holders, the application must be made by the Turkish Consulate in their home country.

Can foreign nationals who have a residence permit in Turkey travel visa-free to countries not requiring a visa from Turkish citizens?

No. Having a residence permit in Turkey does not grant foreigners the same rights as Turkish citizens. 

Owning a property in Turkey can get you not just a residence permit but also Turkish citizenship. If you are interested in a profitable investment, contact Prime Property Turkey. Our 10 years of expertise in helping foreign nationals will be of extreme use to you. With a commendable portfolio and best-in-class services, we promise to assist you even after the sale. 

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