Extensive Guide on Real Estate in Maslak

Real Estate in Maslak

Created : 13 Dec 2021
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By Justin Mays:

Foreign and local investors are flocking to modern Maslak. The region is a hub for smart investors and those looking for a high-quality life in Istanbul and as a result, there is a huge demand for commercial and residential properties. For those looking for lucrative real estate opportunities, Maslak offers high rental returns, capital appreciation, and good rates of returns on investment.

Maslak’s stunning skyline is made of sleek skyscrapers dispersed amongst smart residential and office buildings. Many are premium builds in a more earthquake-friendly zone of the city. Luxury high rises have panoramic views of the Belgrade Forest, twinkling city lights, and the Bosphorus. High-end living standards are excellent here with many projects not only boasting well-constructed and aesthetically pleasing residences but also having commercial spaces, concierge services, and fitness and recreational centers on-site.

Lively Maslak has the essential elements for both commercial and residential real estate investors:  access to schools, businesses, nature, hospitals, transportation, and recreational opportunities.  As Istanbul’s financial center, short- and long-term investments are profitable as there is always a demand for properties in Maslak.

Due to this, property prices can lean towards the higher side when compared to other new districts but off-plan projects are a good investment as high year-on-year capital growth is guaranteed. Overall profitability of rentals in the area is increased by the movement of employees and students to Maslak. The rental market is steady with international and local job seekers and students wanting proximity to the many businesses and universities in the area.

Suitable for housing and investment, Maslak is one of the top neighborhoods to explore when investing your money.  At its core, it is a financial business hub that has developed into an extraordinary place to live. 

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