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Real Estate Gurus Expand on Why You Should Buy In Istanbul

Created : 23 Aug 2021
Buy a Property in Istanbul

By. Justin Mays

Booming market, increased foreign interest, and all you need to know about buying property right now

If there is one country that did exceptionally well during the entire lockdown period, it is Turkey. While most economies were struggling, this nation simply seemed to be keeping it all together. Now, while more relaxation of restrictions is taking place and flights are open again into the country, they are just bursting out of there seems. The one industry in the country that is doing exceptionally well is that of real estate. While local property owners appreciate this growth, it is the government that also benefits as, during the past year, the revenue they have earned from property sales topped $7 billion. 

Over the recent two months, sales in real estate more than doubled and as you can buy yourself into citizenship when you invest in property in Turkey, this is only one of the many reasons how why you should consider Turkey to become your home. As a trusted partner in this field, the team at Prime Property Turkey shared some of the many reasons why their long list of clients is eager to invest on this Mediterranean shore.

 “When foreigners buy apartments or any other kind of property in Istanbul, they buy more than real estate, they buy a lifestyle. The city, like most of the country, has a magnificent health system, transportation network, and shopping centers. The public services are quite simply outstanding and so are the educational systems. Add to that the magnificent scenery, the wonderful weather, and the friendly people and you have the perfect place to call home,” says one of the trusted advisors at the reputable team of Prime Property Turkey.

He then continues that the city doesn’t only feature modern and luxurious apartments but is also rich in history. Due to the location of the city, it has always been a place where the world came to meet to trade. Here you’ll find a vibrant diversity of people as it is a place where all are welcome. This diversity is not only present on the street but also in the international foods served on every corner. Istanbul is a world-class city flaunting modern luxury while its roots in a rich history remain evident. It is a place of sunshine and beauty and the most magnificent escapes only a short distance away. 

Regardless of whether you buy an apartment in Istanbul to work or to play, to invest or to relax, it will offer all you need and far more. 

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